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Day 17 and looking forward

To completing my first month smoke free! I feel pretty excited by it all, despite the grim cough and a manky cold I'm excited! What are you doing with you're extra pennies? I'm sponsoring 2 girls in Africa through school and I bought a new hand bag and a new pair of cons and were still better off than when I was smoking!! When you think about it, when you popped to the shop to buy a pack of fags did you ever just buy a pack of fags? Personally I think I suffer from obsessive offer buying and I think the whole 'just nipping to the shop' had stopped me scoffing a bar of the brown stuff a day and I haven't had full fat coke for breakfast once since I gave up... Why was I ever worried about gaining weight?? I've lost it!! Xxx

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Did someone mention handbags!!!

Did someone mention handbags!!!!!! Love, love handbags:)


You're doing well lass, way to go:) And good for you sponsering children in Africa.

Fi x


GOOD for you!

Lois your doing wonderus things in your life!

Stay positive...keep looking forward!

You are right now inspiring someone... :D


Hi Lois, well done on 17 days smoke free and what an amazing idea of sponsoring a child. It is amazing what the money we used to set fire to can be spent on, good for you xx


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