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Looking Forward to the Nicotine Vaccine

i recently came across an article online that spoke about the fourthcoming nicotine vaccine. I couldnt help but wonder if this is not the final breakthrough to a better and easier quit smoking experience. the vaccine blocks nicotine molecules in the blood from crossing the blood-brain barrier therefore depriving your brain of nicotine regardless of how many cigarettes you smoke. also for starting previously non-smokers no pleasure will be derived (hence no addiction) from smoking cigarettes. It is also said to be able to address withdrawal symptoms. The vaccine will be based on two shots twice a year. It seems it will hit the market as early as 2011 after FDA approval.

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Quitting is easy staying quit is hard

Not sure can get my head round that as would imagine that as the hardest part for most people is not the nicotine but the actual smoking exsperience (or maybe I have misread most of the posts) I know that the nic is out your system pretty rapidly but hopefully want have to even consider any drugs that have to be injected as think I will stick to CT LOL

Or worst case scenario would be patches as can take them off will wait to see what happens concerning licencing


hey rockie - Thats amazing. I wouldnt mind reading that article if you can dig it out of your history and post it, I would appreciate it,




sounds like that could be a little dangerous to me, I expect you would have to be on a trial dose for at least 3 months to find out if you can use it, but what it does sounds quite similar to Champix etc.

Would be interested in reading that article too.


Could this be it?


I hope this not an advert!!!!!


Very interesting, but still it seems the user would need will power to stop smoking


If I be honest I did not read it all. It seems again to be another NRT not that I have anything against NRT just thinking what will this cost and how much money will someone make from it? will it be on prescription?



Habit not addction

Hi,I agree addiction is hard but the Habit is harder to break and that is exactly what I have had to do with the Champix, Got past the Addiction with the help of the tabs and dealt with the habit with willpower.

It may work for some, but Im thinking same principal as many other NRT's




Seems like a legitimate Vaccine. It causes the body to create antibodies to the nicotine, which in turn stops it being absorbed by the brain. No matter how many fags you smoked, you wouldn't get any nicontine from them.

It's like forcing you into cold turkey, I guess.

The theory being (I think) that you wouldn't get any benefit from smoking, so you'd stop.


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