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Looking Forward To The Weekend


Hi all you lovely people.

Just thought i'd let ya all know my plans for the weekend haven't changed. Im still gonna clean out my car, it stinks of stale smoke and its disgusting.

I put a jacket on today for the first time in ages and it stunk... just to think we all used to smell like that.

I can still smell my perfume that i put on this morning......

So im looking forward to the weekend and looking forward to still being a non smoker on Monday. :D

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Way to go batwoman - smells the worst thing now and will keep you focused. Get that batmobile sparkling :D


I have been quit for 2 Months, 1 Week, 6 Days, 16 hours, 2 minutes and 44 seconds (73 days). I have saved £333.71 by not smoking 1,473 cigarettes. I have saved 5 Days, 2 hours and 45 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 01/01/2008 00:05

Ive worked like mad in the house today. all done till they all mess it up again ha! But a quick tidy and i will be able to get into the garden if the weathers ok tomorrow. I havent sowed a seed yet this year gasp! im really itching to get started now. It must be the lovely sunshine eh?. As for perfume, I worries me no end how much i used to use. Now I can smell it i use far less. Must have brought tears to the eyes of anyone too close, ha ha !:D

withdrawal are geting bad


been 3 day now, and withdrawal are geting really bad for me, wanted to smoke today, but then i said to my self if you do then next time will be more harder. plase to say i never had one, im not going to let everyone down. we are all in this as one... thanks everyone for being there.

be back a bit later on, your doing well

Alan.... :(

Nooooooooo Alan! Don't you dare even think about having a smoke! If you do, then I will, and then that will be two of us that failed our quits! :eek: Not that theres any pressure or anythin'...



don't give up hun. its 6.30 and ive got my pj's on. I know that if i want a fag i'll have to go upstairs, get dressed then get in the car. by the time i've done that my craving will be over.

it will get better hun. evenings are my worse time, we're all here for ya :D

Double Whammy!!!

Hi ppl

New to the forum :)

It is often said that the 3rd day is the worst, right? When your 3rd day just happens to be a Friday it is certainly what most would consider to be a double whammy.

I managed to forego my usual friday stop off at my local co-op for beers and fags( constantly repeating "Never Take Another Puff" ) I don't think I would have made it this far without the information and reinforcement I received at whyquit.com

Well done to everyone... have a great smoke free weekend.

Welcome to the forum Bobby

Well my girls have just left and im all alone AHHHHHHH. Looks like a bacon butty and an early night for me. I started off soooooo well this morning and i've had a pretty good day. Now..... well im not so sure :confused:

Anyway deep breaths and all that.

Thanks BW

Thanks Batwoman :D

Two days, 19 hours, 48 minutes and 0 seconds. 56 cigarettes not smoked, saving £13.28. Life saved: 4 hours, 40 minutes.


hi batwomanand bobby,

day 3 for me also, think this site is great excellent to hear people with the same issues as me! today has been the worst i could have quite easily given in but not going too as want to read how you guys are doing.


Day 3 almost over

I'm about an hour away from the quit meter telling me I've been a non-smoker for 3 full days (stopping at mid-day might make it easy to remember when I had my last fag but it does make it hard to count days).

More importantly, though, I have just completed three NIGHTS as a non-smoker. I have had much less trouble with mornings than I had expected - I wake up and feel no cravings at all. First coffee, which for the last 25 years+ has always been accompanied by my first lightup, is proving to be no problem whatsoever. I'm not sure how I managed it, but that particular trigger seems to be behind me. Right now, I'm on my third coffee of the day (in case anyone thinks I drink to much coffee, there will be one more around 4pm and it's herbal tea and fruit juice from then till bedtime) and I'm feeling completely calm on the smoking front. Actually, the only reason I'm thinking about smoking at all is because I'm wiriting this! I'm certainly not having any cravings, right now!

Things got difficult after dinner time yesterday (and a few specific triggers during the day, but I just try to avoid them).

As I said in another thread, and like most people, dinner is one of my most significant triggers. I was pleased with myself when I realised when I sat down to watch the news after my dinner that I didn't even think about lighting up between the dinner table and the sofa. Great feeling!

Later on the evening, the cravings got REALLY bad, though. I need to find a way of disassociating internet chatting from smoking, because that currently seems to be a major trigger. (I'm more addicted to pointless wibbling than I am - WAS! - to smoking.) I ended up spending most of the evening with a dummy in my mouth - idiotic, I know, but it helped!

My chest pains are lot less bad this morning. My smoker's cough (which was pretty bad) seems to have disappeared completely. I've been sneezing a huge amount over the last 24 hours but that seems to have gone, too. I am capable of taking five rapid DEEP breaths without collapsing in a fit of coughs and weezing for the first time since stopping.

I am astonished by my returning sense of smell. I'm picking up subtle hints of (unpleasant) aromas around the house that are completely new to me.

And as for this room (my "smoking" room) it stinks worse than it has ever done before: I've discovered that leaving the room, going into the kitchen (which currently smells very strongly of rosemary) and then coming back in is providing me with a HUGE anti-trigger: the stale stench is making me physically nauseous. Which is, I should think, a Good Thing. ;)

Thanks for allowing me to ramble. I think that externalising my thoughts, feelings and symptoms is helping me come to terms with leaving behind my old lifestyle.

I'm about to go out into the wide world for a bit and expect I'll be a bit like the Bisto Kids following smokers around. Just as the stale stench in this room is making me physically sick, I still find the smell of fresh tobacco smoke really enticing. As long as I can find that smell enjoyable without it triggering a desire to light up myself, I suppose I'm OK, though...

I have been quit for 2 Days, 23 hours, 37 minutes and 49 seconds (2 days). I have saved £27.20 by not smoking 119 cigarettes. I have saved 9 hours and 55 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 12/03/2008 12:07

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