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Day 8 - So close to caving!!!

Hi everyone,

I barely slept last night and woke up with a headache again this morning:( Called off work and almost walked to the store and grabbed some smokes :eek:

Seriously!!! I seem to be having quite a few nasty side effects which I was hoping would be gone by now??

Anyway the only reason I won't buy any (because I still need to go to store) is because the thought of starting over is too depressing. Yes, I guess I am one of those whiny ones that "miss my smokes" or maybe I am just having a really bad day. Ugh it's only 8am, this is not good!!!!!!

Ok walked away from this for an hour... I'm back, think I will still post this anyway just in case someone else today is having a rough time :(

Heard this song and wanted to attach it because it really brought a smile: please check it out this ones for all of you!!!!! :D:

Peace: ~S

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Hi Sherri

Can’t check out the video just yet as in work

But ….. did you get through your crave?

I hope so….

You have seen seriously positive for the start of your quit but after a little while the novelty does wear off a little bit…… but


It does settle down and come back again….

Keep your memory green as to why you quit and how good it felt… really helps as you go on.

Stay strong :)

Take care



Hi Sherri, i didn't sleep good either, 2nd night in row & up at 6.30! The trick is to stay focused on why we dont want to smoke....i know that if i have just one i'll be back to square one :mad:

In all honesty i dont want one! it's just the habit of my old routine i miss at times so i'm making new routines.

This is one of the hardest things i've ever done in my life, same applies to the majority of people on here i expect, so i'm trying to ignore negative thoughts of my old habit & remind myself of how good my life is & how much better it's going to be.

Try to stay strong & remember we're all behind you.

Trudy :)


Hi Greg,

Always good to talk to you.

The truth is what is really bothering me is that 4-5 days ago when I found that E-cig I should have just thrown it out. Now I feel I have become too dependent on the stupid thing. It started out with just a few puffs in the evenings and now I find myself reaching for it in the morning first thing as well.

I really should have known better as I was told that the E-cig was a slippery slope because you are still basically simulating smoking. I never did give the patches a try, (remember we talked about that) but I am going to throw the other in the rubbish today before I reach for it again. I am seriously wondering if that is why I am having these really bad headaches every damn day?? The E-cig???? Not sure but that's what I am going with hehe !!!

k, now I am back...... I threw the whole dam thing in the rubbish and then dumped coffee grounds all over it so I am not tempted to fish it out in a while (you know I would) !!! :eek:

Let's see how I do now grrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!


In all honesty i dont want one! it's just the habit of my old routine i miss at times so i'm making new routines.



That's the way Sherri

I have a couple of friends that tried the Ecig and they both gave up on it as they felt far worse on it than smoking!

The cough and the tight chest was killing them....maybe even literally!

As far as I know none of the Ecig brands have been passed by any country as "medically safe", they dont have the same tests as the other main types of NRT.

As I see it, if you need to use some NRT for the first couple of months of your quit then go for it. There's no shame in using it at the start. Break the "habit" part first then go head on for the addiction part later. The NRT I have used doesn't exactly make it a walk in the park but it did take the edge of for me whilst breaking the psychological links I had with smoking!

I never realised how much of my life was linked to smoking! :eek:

Happy, sad, angry, excited, relaxing, reward, something to do whilst waiting for something to happen - which as a result .... nothing happened as I was too busy smoking!!!!! and round and round and get the picture.

Try the patches if you need to, some people don't like them as they get too much nicotine...if the patches don't work try mini's or inhaler....or keep going cold turkey and see how you go!.

Everyones quit is different

Find what works for you. :)

As you say I reckon the Ecig is "too" much like smoking.

Now look who's waffling! :D

Keep us informed as to how it goes

Have fun :)

Take care



Lol, have just posted a thread about them - that'll teach me to read the new posts first, sorry!!

You are doing brilliantly Sherri, you're having a tough time as well as a tough quit and you're not giving in!!

Good luck :)

Gemma x


Well done for resisting Sherri

And the bit that made me laugh was sprinkling coffee grounds on the binned e-cig! Classic!

Stay strong, chick!




Hi Sherri, if u go back to fags seriously you will be gutted. As we all know it only takes one puff to be hooked again. Last year i gave up for 4months i had a fag due to things going wrong in my life. Wish i never had that one. But we all go through it. I hope you choose not to light up. We are all here for you. Jacqui



You are doing great......your body is just adjusting itself and needs a little more time to feel normal......and once it has come to terms that it is not getting nicotine I am sure you will be the proudest person in the world......

You can do it......keep us posted.......

( I once dried some tobacco out in the microwave that I recovered from the mingling bin.....I am sure I could taste tomato ketchup when I smoked it )



You have been here with me since I first started my quit and I want you to know that you are not alone. We are all here because we know the pain. You are brilliant for holding strong this long.

I am concerned that the E-Cig might be the reason the headaches have got you so hard. I noticed that day 2 and 3 of cold turkey were rough and my head was a mess. It might just be your body withdrawing from the nicotine. If you keep adding it back and then taking it away you could be in a bad cycle. I would think the patch is a better choice because it is meant to decrease the nicotine over time. (I'm not an expert but this is my assumption from what I have read)

Don't give up yet! Having you here has made my quit possible. Even if you slip up, don't give up. Have a hot bath and just breathe. It won't always be like this, I promise.

Many hugs,



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