Don't need it, don't want it

Wow! Fourteen days under my belt and strolling into week three.

I've struggled with quits in the past, but everything seems to have clicked this time. I've spent the last couple of days wondering why this whole process seems so easy this time, and I've reached the conclusion that it's the difference between wanting and needing.

On previous quits, there was still some 'want' in me; I still had the belief (the false illusion) that I was enjoying smoking. This time, I'd left those feelings behind long before I started the quit process. I knew I was getting no pleasure whatsoever from smoking, I despised it and was doing it purely out of need - to feed the monster! Whilst Champix isn't a silver bullet for many people, I believe it does crush the need - so if the want isn't there either, there is no reason left to smoke; the fight is over, gone, banished to the past.

Self-disgust replaced with self-pride, anxiety with calm. This really is the most valuable gift we can give ourselves!

Hope this makes sense to some of you:D

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  • Complete sense

    Hi AnEggIsAnEgg

    What you are saying makes complete sense to me. I think what happens is that the sub-conscious mind starts to support and align with the conscious mind: once that happens then things are much easier.

    I think that's how our brain works. Eventually the sub-conscious mind is activated into going along with the logical mind and all is well and we feel at peace with ourselves.

    Glad to hear you feel a lot more at peace this time - sounds very promising for your quit.

  • I think you've hit the nail on the head!!!

  • I couldn't agree more. This is the one for me, I will never have to quit again because I will never smoke again. Because I don't want to or need to anymore.

    You're doing fantastically Aneggisanegg.

    Molly x

  • hi everone Im joining you,Two weeks today, I cant believe it, never thought I would even get this Far!

  • An E is an E

    I too can relate to what you are saying. The fact that this quit feels 'different' is the key word. This sounds like the 'one for you'

    Fi x

  • hi everone Im joining you,Two weeks today, I cant believe it, never thought I would even get this Far!

    Well done Tooshay:). Way to go!

    Fi x

  • Snap

    Egg... Aside from the champix I feel the same! Xxx

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