No Smoking Day
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day 21

hey people,

hows everyone doing? awesomely i hope =)

im still going strong..i have the occasional..*want*for a ciggie but it goes pretty quickly , the craves are gone now.

the stress has gone, my skin looks great, my teeth ..the yellowness is going :)

oh downside to this is. i already had sensitive teeth but quitting seems to have made them waaaaaay sensitive now :(

ive had to change my toothpaste and mouthwash to that sensi whatsitsname :)

a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things.

my appetite seems to be calming down now too so that's great .

sausage fingers..less sausagy :D

hope you guys are doing well , much strength and love to you all =))

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Well done Lorna!!

Its brilliant to see how well you are doing. I'm really pleased to see things are calming down for you.

Its onwards and upwards from here on in. There'll be now stopping you now.

Congratulations :)

Molly x



Well done loran! You're doing great! I can't wait to reach the 3 week mark! Xxx


Smoking can play havoc with your teeth/gums. Once you stop, your mouth can go beserk putting right the damage done by smoking.

During my quit I've had bleeding gums, several different teeth feeling uncomfortable sensitive at different times, gums feeling like cardboard, mouth tasting like I'd been chewing a saucepan - yuck.

While this was going on I was expecting the dentist would have to pull out teeth left right and centre, and yet now (amazingly) that seems unlikely! It's all settled down, and other than the occasional bleeding gum, all of the above have stopped.

So don't be surprised if you problems with teeth/gums for a little while.


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