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Day 5 - Still Alive

I woke up so happy I had made it through day 4 without caving in. Right before bed time I had this really strong urge to light one up. It lasted for almost 3 hours. The idea of smoking snuck in my head and made itself at home. I was awful. I did my best to distract myself but it was such a struggle. I just keep telling myself the following:

1. I have made it this far. It would be such a shame to give up now.

2. I can always choose to smoke again. So there is no rush to grab a fag right now.

3. Wait...just wait 10 minutes. Keep waiting 10 minutes. I have managed 5 days of 10 minute bits so far.

4. ALWAYS remember the reasons I started this quest to quit in the first place.

I have to keep reminding myself that I am not losing something. I am gaining the ability to breathe, smell, and not be chained to an addiction. It is very hard and sometimes I think I will go mad but i'm still here!

Whenever I imagine myself smoking and the cravings are bad, I stop myself and breathe. Then I imagine myself in the future, a non-smoker who can't even fathom smoking. She goes for walks and can breathe!! She enjoys tea much more now that she can really taste it. She smells lovely and and is proud to have overcome such a difficult thing.

I am so grateful to have you all here telling of your struggles. When I start to panic and feel so alone and helpless here you guys are. I am lucky to have come here.

Questions for you:

Do you find yourself "fake smoking"? I seem to breathe in as if I was smoking when I drive. Almost as if just pretending to smoke helps soothe the cravings.

What do you tell yourself in those moments of panic to help keep you on track?

Day 5 and counting!!


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Well done

Hi Riversong

well done on getting to day 5 - you're well on the way I would say.

Yes, I would find myself fake smoking - it's a variation of deep breathing I think, and as such is said to increase dopamine which is what makes us smoke. It's probably a good thing to do.

In times of panic I would mentally go over the reasons I quit smoking. My reasons would include:

smoking is socially isolating me,

the cost is prohibitive,

it stinks,

it makes me feel sick at times when I smoke too much,

I want to be healthy.

I have to go over my reasons less and less now. The feelings of panic have certainly gone & I don't want a cigarette anymore. I never thought that day would come but it has. Hang in there - the panic will disappear.:)


Hi Riversong

I have an e-cig in times of need (also wearing patches). The fake smoking bit made me smile out loud, i do it all the time!

I got off the bus from work yday & really had an urge to smoke so out came my e-cig, but had to wait until i was 100% sure no-one could see me as i felt so embarrassed lol. Deep breathing works for me & everytime i do it I'm so pleased it wasn't a real cig.

The things we do to get through this.....i talk to myself out loud more than i used to too haha;)

Lots of luck

Take care

Trudy :)


Hi Riversong, firstly well done on 5 days!!

I think we all have our own ways of beating craves but reminding yourself of the reasons why you have given up is usually a starting point.

Remember a cigarette never tastes as good as not smoking feels

Stay strong

Karen x


Thank you all so much. I was feeling a bit...well...weird for the fake smoking bit. I am quite glad to see i am not alone. lol.

Many hugs to you all!



Thank you all so much. I was feeling a bit...well...weird for the fake smoking bit. I am quite glad to see i am not alone. lol.

Many hugs to you all!


I have to confess to fake smoking too, and the number of times I've caught myself holding a pen or something like i used to hold a fag, it's silly!! :eek:

Well done on 5 days, here's to the next 5 - and many more :cool:


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