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Day 2 and suffering!!

Hi all. I quit yesterday after a 2 hour hypnotherapy session. Don't know why I went that route but it's working in the sense that I've stopped but failing in the sense that I have MEAN EVIL cravings.

Really having to grit my teeth here, my partner is being spectacularly unhelpful and thinks I'm an idiot for going to a hypnotherapist so pretty much alone doing this, but then I'm doing it for ME and not my partner :mad:

Someone just tell me that this is going to get easier!

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It may get a bit harder before it gets easier. Sorry.

BUT, within a few days you will be over the worst of it, and it will start to get easier.

You are absolutely right about your quit being for you and not your partner.

Hang in there and try to think in terms of getting through the next hour - rather than any further ahead.

Keep posting on here and letting us know how you feel, especially when it's really bad!


Well I'm going for a mega run tomorrow morning in the hopes that the endorphins will counteract the cravings and I can actually get some work done!! 'Cos as things stand my concentration is shot to bits!! But thanks for the advice :)


If getting the work done is essential, and must be done, one option you have is to use some NRT. It will allow you to continue with your quit (and so, importantly, not smoke) and retain enough concentration to do the work. However, you will then have to wean yourself of nicotine at a later date.


Nope not doing NRT. Cold turkey and just gonna deal with it. If the work doesn't get done then so be it.


It does get better I'm on day 5 and it feels like forever since I had a cig give but I'm feeling better and today cravings are easier to Handel hang on in there


Keep going!!!!

Do you remember that ad for NRT a little while ago which showed a cartoon depiction of the little green monsters going nuts in a brain?

I imagine that your brain is filled with little green monsters, they want feeding, they want nicotine. They're going berserk!

Every time you choose not to feed them a few die. Every time you have a crave that isn't met with a cigarette, they die.

You're squishing them to death right now!! And every single time you get that feeling and DO NOT SMOKE more die!!! Eventually there will be so few of them that a crave will come and go with little more effort from you than a deep breath.

Keep going, kill those blighters!!!!


Hiya Fraz,

Sorry your finding it so tough...but you'll get through it. Definately go for that mega run tomoro. I'm on day 4 and have been swimming every day since I quit and its a welcome distraction. I was having a crappy morning today and the swim soon sorted me out :-)

Keep posting and keep reading posts. Its a great support and wealth of information and tips :-)



Thanks guys - all advice very much appreciated. Got through day 2 with a massive crying fit before I went to sleep last night. Wasn't expecting that!!


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