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Day 4 and feeling good :)


Hey so its another new year, and another quit attempt! This one i feel more a 'logical' pull to quit as i have a big operation in two months that I want to be on top health for, so even when those craves do come knowing I wont be able to smoke for a month after my op (jaw operation) makes starting back up again pretty pointless at this moment in time, I also know by the time the op comes and goes i would of been smoke free for 3 months and i know from the past at that point, if you do start again it is pretty much a case of forcing a fag in your mouth, because by then you really can cope without it.

Hope everyone is feeling really positive on their journeys, lets all remember our reasons for quitting when the bad moments come, because when they pass it gives us an extra reason to smile :) xxx

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