No Smoking Day
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oh my this is getting trickier - day 4

Hiya guys,

Finding cigs are just playing on my mind so much, even though I've only been awake for like 1 hour!!! I need to STOP imagining myself smoking, but I do get sort of pleasure out of it lol

Going to go swimming. That will keep me occupied and its fun also:D

On a positive note I drank 1 and a half bottles of white wine last night - and did not smoke. And I do feel great about that. Negative note, I'm feeling hungry hungry hungry nothing seems to satisfy my appetite.

Good luck everybody xxx

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You're doing great, well done :)


Get off your bum and get swimming!!! Looper says...still in her dressing gown.

Moving really helps. On my last quit I nearly came to a complete standstill, that was very counterproductive. So...I'll get up and pull on some clothes to do the housework and YOU...get swimming!!


Here's a thought: If you can't stop imagining yourself smoking, then imagine youself inhaling, and then coughing the smoke out. Pretty disgusting. Might help to put you off the idea that smoking is somehow a desireable activity.


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