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the awfulness that is day three

hi there! I just joined this forum today.I found it when searching day 3 on Google. I thought there must be something wrong with me. I figured the first two days would be the worst, but today I am just a miserable person to be around. I am lashing out at everyone. I mean it. no one is safe! anyway, I have been reading everyone else's experiences, and I know I'm not alone. nice to meet you all, and here is to hoping for a better day 4!

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thank you. it helps just knowing that :-)


Hi Jodigirl, and welcome.

Sorry to hear it's really rough for you. Believe it or not it will get better in a few days time. I get a sense that part of what's bothering you about day 3 is the sheer shock to you of what you are experiencing.

Quitting is often strange, frightening and weird, with unfamiliar or extreme feelings and sensations going on. As I expect you have noticed from reading other people's experiences, there is always something distressing going on with someone. Try and accept that as a fact! The strangeness you are experiencing is not itself a problem. The anger might be, but the fact that it is unusual is not.

Well done for deciding to quit, keep posting and don't hold back if you feel you need to vent some of that anger on here!


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