so depressed!

After a very exciting start to my quit back in the beginning of last October, feeling proud of myself for stopping, albeit with the aid of Champix for a few weeks, i am now feeling worse than ever. im not smoking but i do keep thinking about it i feel that i wont actually go back to smoking but i cant get it out of my head for some reason. i have become quite depressed most of the time now and struggle to go out of the house,

Im found a really good website over the weekend and there are a lot of people really struggling with anxiety and depression following stopping smoking and its some comfort to know Im not on my own and also, rather selfishly, that there are people experiencing far worse than i am. No one ever talks about the physical effects of quitting, they only talk about smoke cravings but this depression stuff is really heavey!!

to think the health warning on a packet of fags actually FITS on the side of a small box is rediculous. i think we;ve all been conned!

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  • I know just how you feel. I got so depressed I went on anti-depressants for 8 weeks and was worse than ever. Decided to do something about it on my own. Lots of high potency vitamins and some hypnotherapy apps. I also bought a SAD light box. Within a week I had recovered and I would be my old self if it wasn't for the miserable weather.

  • thats quite interesting Una, i do think, in fact I know im very affected by the season. Ive picked up a few ideas over the last few days so im going to see if I can make the changes myself before I go to the doctors. it seems Vitamin supplement, particularly A and B12 (?), im also drinking green tea today which does feel a little better, i havent had coffe today and Im on a 30 day no wine or beer ( day 2!) it has to get better than this I have never felt so much like im loosing my mind( apart from Champix)

  • I took the highest potency vitamins possible. Vit B Complex, D3, Magnesium, cod liver oil, copper & zinc. I still drank the wine but not so much because it didn't taste as good. I've been a bit lax with the vitamins lately so started taking them again but only half quantities. Good luck

  • This is a bummer. I was already depressed when I stopped, and in a way feeling in control of this has helped me. But I do recall a previous attempt when I had been happy and calm but this thick impenetrable gloom descended. Smoking mucks about so much with your biochemistry that it isnt surprising that this can happen, but it is really annoying when people think you are craving or looking for an excuse to start again. It is righ6t tho that you can help yourself. Commitments permitting a daily brisk walk in a natural landscape has proven benefits in the treatment of depression. I do this and I have no doubt that it really helps. Also maybe you should ask yourself if there is one thing that you have always wanted that smoking stopped you having or doing, and get it or do it!

  • I like the " has there ever been one thing smoking has prevented me doing" idea, I was always very fit when I was younger and I miss that. I could never seriously attempt keeping fit whilst smoking so maybe this is my chance!!

  • Changing things

    Hi fazzer - you're certainly not alone in experiencing depression upon giving up smoking. I found that doing relatively strenuous exercise seemed to make me feel better. I think what happens is that the body produces endorphins, the feel good chemicals, when we exercise, and that helps me a lot.

    Although the lows are pretty bad when we give up smoking, the highs are a real treat, so it's worth keeping off the cigarettes to experience them.

  • Yeah, I'd like to start running I just ned to shake the depression off long enough to actually leave the house! Seriously though, I used to feed off the buzz from exercise and I want to go back there again, playing squash is another favourite but I never could keep it up , in the back of my mind I always had this smoking compromise. I've had a fistful of vitamins today and that seems to have lifted my mood, I'm still only drinking tea instead of coffee and I didn't have any beers last night! I did have a good nights sleep as well last night which is the first in a while so thinks are looking a little better for me today.

  • Hi..

    I too suffer really bad with anxity and depression since quitting 8 month ago.., the docs won't help the meds make me worse. And no amount of herbal stuff or other stuff will get rid of it..

    I feel helpless somedays.. I'm dreading my new job Monday as I dread just gping out the door to the shop somedays..

    My non smokin and smoking mates have all seem a change in me.. I'm tired sad I look about 5 years older since I gave up..

    I wish I never botherd to give up

  • Hi..

    I too suffer really bad with anxity and depression since quitting 8 month ago.., the docs won't help the meds make me worse. And no amount of herbal stuff or other stuff will get rid of it..

    I feel helpless somedays.. I'm dreading my new job Monday as I dread just gping out the door to the shop somedays..

    My non smokin and smoking mates have all seem a change in me.. I'm tired sad I look about 5 years older since I gave up..

    I wish I never botherd to give up

    Hi Shelly. I'm sorry to hear you don't feel too good at the moment. As I've said several times before, I am full of admiration for you, for your courage and your determination.

    I remember you posting before Xmas about getting your new job, after job hunting for a long time. A lot of people on here were delighted with your news.

    Your new job is still exciting! Try and rest if you can over the weekend and gather your energy to start Monday morning with a bounce.

    If your GP can't help you, can you get a referral to someone who can?

    You are a much admired and loved person on this forum, don't forget that. We all really want things to get better for you. The others will be along soon, so keep talking to us and let us give you support. :)

  • This may or may not be useful...........

    Someone, who already had depression before they quit, says that going to a "behavioural treatment program" was the key for them.

  • Hey Shelly

    What Biggrin said ... and please know I am pulling for you too. Good luck and well done on the new job on Monday! They say a change is as good as a rest so I hope you find the new job is a tonic for you in itself xx

    Fazzer huge hugs and good vibes to you too, exercise sounds good, as a physio I recommend it (need to start doing more of it myself though :o). I find periods of thinking about smoking too but I don't see it as a threat to my quit or a reason to be sad at all, just boring thoughts and when I imagine myself smoking, I just allow the picture to happen in my head, take some imaginary puffs - actual, real, deep slow belly breaths of lovely life-giving clean oxygen!- and I'm usually smiling or laughing at myself by the end of the second breath. My fag thoughts are cues for relaxing yoga breathing, how cool is that?! :cool:

    Hope it helps, good luck guys xx

  • Exercise may be the key here

    Does seem that there is a lot to be said for exercise, gets the endorphins going and really helps to lift mood. Try it .Go on I dare you.

  • The more I read, the more symptomes I feel

  • oh well, i am now on medication and have barely left the house for the last 2 months, my business has almost collapsed and i cant face the world. i havent had the motivation to exercise and all i can do is mope around the house all day. on the plus side Im still not smoking and Im just starting my 5th month!!

    I never could have imagined how hard quitting would hit me, it looks like im one of those extreme cases. my only hope is that things are so bad for me now that they can only improve.

  • thanks for your kind words guys. Yes i think i was already a little depressed when I quit i just didnt realise it at the time. I quit with champix for a couple of weeks until I realised it was sending me haywire and I stopped using it, although i dont seem to have managed very well from that point on.

    Stopping smoking has made me re evaluate my entire life and more importantly what Im doing and I realised I havent been happy for some time. Being in business and making money has occupied me for the last 20 years and its now that i realise it has been too much for me or rather I havent dealt with the pressure of it all very well. Drinking and smoking have been my crutch all these years.

    i really do feel that Im at a crossroads in my life but i dont know where the paths lead. but whatever happens to me I am so proud to be a non smoker, i never believed I would stop and I have :)

  • Fazzer

    You've done so well in your non smoking journey, way to go:)

    I'm sorry you're feeling low. Sounds like you've had a lot of other things to deal with which hopefully will improve, try to fix the things you can first, that always helps.

    My advice for your wellbeing tho would be to get out there and get some fresh air, long walks by the beach, river, forest, etc, borrow a dog for company!

    I promise you it will lift your spirits.

    Take care

    Fi x

  • Light

    :eek:Three weeks into taking some medication for depression and m now beginning to function again. Sadly my beloved springer had to be put down last Monday which was pretty miserable for the family. I'm still not smoking although I think about smoking every day, it's so good to be smoke free, I feel like I own my body now, it's all mine and doesn't belong to the crazy world of smoking. I'm eating,sleeping,living,loving,resting,exercising and thinking better than I have done for many years,yes the depression was tough but it's lifting now.

    I do believe the combination of quitting smoking and taking champix has been the cause of my depression and that in time my body will balance itself. I will hit 140 days quit at 6.30 this evening!!! :cool:

  • Hi Fazzer! Really pleased you are feeling better, I hope things continue to improve for you that took guts to stick with it so you deserve some good times!

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