No Smoking Day
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OMG! I whole week!

Well this is the longest Ive ever been, awesome! Am craving a bit in the mornings but getting thru it. I do feel so much more like Im living as opposed to coughing. But like the previous post it has been a bit harder since day 5! Weird! Anyway best not to think about that stuff for too long, one day at a time is good for me, or one minute sometimes...............

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Nicotine free

Hi Rachael - congratulations. After 1 week it means your body is chemically free of nicotine and other chemicals from smoking. You've done very well.:)

The "cravings" do come and go as your body adapts to the new biochemistry, but they don't last for too long. I used to ( and still do ) take deep breaths if I think of smoking. Also, exercise and drinking water really helps me.


thanks nonico am going for a walk this arvo and am drinking lotsa water! Thanks for the encouragement!


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