No Smoking Day
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Five whole weeks today

Well then, lets see - I'm fat and can't stop eating, spotty, a little bit off my rocker, dateless for valentine's day (missus is away on business), overworked, tired and generally feel like I've been beaten up from the inside out over the last five weeks.

On the plus side, I'm a non-smoker who's craving less and less all the time and despite all of the above, I feel on top of the world ;)

Big love for all the people going through it, keep on trucking!

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Your post cheered me Jimmy in a selfish way sorry....have put weight on,got spots and felt like awful last few weeks,am blaming it on the grey winter aswell as quitting,but glad to know am not the only one feeling a lil crappy.On a postive we are amazing we have stopped and everything else will fall into place with more time! well done x x x


No need to be sorry M, glad I cheered you up a bit! It can't last for ever, we'll get through it!


lol yep it's a great feeling :rolleyes: I've never felt so ill since i stopped smoking 3 months ago :eek: but the only way is up :D


DAY 35 was yesterday..

= 7 x 5 = 1 month and 1 week. I too am 5 weeks!

I have noticed weight gain of 5 lbs...Grrrr..otherwise I feel ok...

I only use the lozenge..under the tongue..1/2 a tablet...

and I am like so GOOD! I FEEL GREAT TOO! Its amazing...

and I do not feel deprived or sad or anything!

Had I known it would be this easy,

I would have done this years AGO!!!!!

Keep going...keep going...don't look back!!!

You inspire me and so many others!!! :)


:D Hi Jimmy, Well done on getting to 5weeks pat on the back. I wouldnt worry too much about the weight gain, because we are all getting fatter but at least we are not smoking. Best of luck for the following weeks. Jacqui.

Quit Date: 10.2.12.

4mg Loz occasionall

Xtra strong mints. Mmmmm


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