No Smoking Day
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Back for another try

Well I am back for another try.

I decided at the end of November that I would stop smoking on new years day (Today)

I have been coughing at night badly and get short of breath easily which is not good.

I really want to accomplish it this time.

I had a shower first thing this morning and put my patch on. I have wanted to smoke but i have told myself not this time.

If I can get through the first couple of days I think I will be ok.

I have had a couple of times today where my chest has ached but I think it is where I have been taking deep breaths to beat them cigs.

Heres hoping the 101st attempt will be the one.

I did think of not posting on here untill I was into day 3 or 4 but thought I would join in the the new posters.

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hello nice to see you back i saw you were online a few mins ago and thought i hadnt seen you post for a while welcome back

stay strong



Thanks Boo.

Off to be now as need to be up early for work tomorrow.

At least i can say day 2 tomorrow morning, :)


Good to see you back. You already smell great by the way!


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