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Returning for another try!

Hello everyone

Not sure if anyone will remember me - I joined in June as a cold turkey quitter and seemed to be doing so well until day 6; a worrying, ongoing situation in my personal life flared up and it was just a bridge too far and I ended up smoking again. I was too upset about my failure to return to the forum (everyone here is so supportive and friendly and I felt really embarrassed :(

I am now into a new quit attempt using Champix. (I decided to have a bit of help this time). I had my last puff at 2.15pm on 8 August although for a week leading up to that I had only had about 2 or 3 a day and then not able to smoke the whole cigarette. Champix really does make smoking feel utterly pointless!

So, just wanted to re-introduce myself... Half way through my second smoke free week. Look forward to catching up on how the other June quitters are doing.

Lauren :)

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I remember you Lauren. Your family didnt even notice you stopped :)

Often wondered about you. Thought you must've slipped off the wagon. Great to see you back. Better luck this time. You CAN do this you know Lauren.


Hi Dippy egg... That's right... they didn't notice! They only noticed this time when I had gone over a week without smoking! Now they all know and are seemingly quite underwhelmed! Probably thinking they've seen it all before :rolleyes:

I am, as ever, determined. This time it feels different and of course, using champix is a much different experience to cold turkey.

It's nice to be back... I'm glad to be here.



Hi, its good to see you here - 6 days was still good, my previous best was less than 24 hrs in 24 years. Now on day 9. We can do this thing....


Hi lauren, welcome back, great to see your trying again.

why not check out olympic quitters for people who stopped in july/august a bunch of us on there, ranging from day 1 to two / 3 weeks. sharing experiences ect and offerinf support / guidance.

Will keep an eye out on your posts :-)



Welcome back Lauren :D

so glad you have made the decision to quit again

many people here have been through afew quits before finally quitting for good

as that smoking side of you will do its best to try and tempt you back normally by saying

one wont hurt

especially if your having a stressful time telling you that it will help to have a smoke

just come on here read and post whenever you feel you need

and concentrate on each day as it comes along saying to yourself

i will not smoke today

i look forward to reading your updates :)




Hi Lauren, we missed each other's dates by about two weeks I guess, but nice to see you going for it again, hope it goes better this time around! :)


Welcome back Lauren!

Fingers crossed everything works out well this time around.



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