Back for another try

Hello everyone , not been here for a bit anyway i,m back for another go. Some of you will remember me. Quit about 1000 times before lol. Did not want to post until i did my first week which i have, an all 7 days, and i,m proud of myself. Still come on here everyday reading how people are getting on, good luck to you all with your quit. Gone straight for the cold turkey method. Just feel this is the one>;).

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  • Welcome back Deano and a big well done on the week - great stuff and in many ways the worst bit over and done with!

  • You could well be right Dale, hope so . I think the biggest test so far, was going out drinking with friends but i got through it quite easy. Thing seem different this time i don,t know why, ;)

  • Thanks Karri, i,v been taking notice how you have been doing, as I say! I still come on here everyday and read, you will do it soon. Your a fighter and you will do it, never stop trying. good luck:).

  • Good luck this time around Deano - I'm like yourself, at the 7 day mark (almost lol) and had a drink at the weekend. Got over it and praised the lord for it on Sunday morning!! You can do it :)

  • Well done Blondie72 i,m sure we can do it. good luck! day 7 not bad:D

  • welcome back deano!!:D

  • Welcome back and glad that you are giving the nicco demon another slap, I am sure that this time will be the right time as you have got the worst bit out of the way, 7 days and you have been for a drink and still quit, what more can you ask.

    Look forward to some great posts from you.

  • 7 days in Deano means you're well and truly over the worst.

    I wish you well my friend

  • hi deano, i dont know you from before , but want to wish you all the best

    jumping in on 7 days! thats cheating isnt it :D

    well done in getting back to it

    daizy x

  • thanks guys for your support, nice to hear from you all. Yes Daizy posting on day 7 is a bit like cheating, I,v tried that many times before and got to day 3 or day 4 and failed, i thought to myself I will not post on here until I got to a week. And I,v made it to day 7 and found it quite easy. A bit concerning really why so easy this time and not the last few. My guard is up so I don,t get complacent hope that's the right word:confused: good luck to you all with your quit I shall be watching. ;)

  • arrr mate i was only joking - your doing greatt - keep that guard up :)

  • Hi Deano , well done for re starting your quit....and with a whole week under your belt already ....the future is looking good for you :D

    Best Wishes.


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