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Hello month 3

Hi guys. Cant believe I've made it. So happy to be here. Its all going well for me except that today I am either getting a sore throat or all my teeth are about to fall out. I love Christmas but I have found it really stressful. We downsized last year and we have 2 young adults as I am told to call them , living at home and 2 in their own homes miles away but they came back and brought partners and a kitten . Man it was such a houseful, swapping beds every night and never having a clean kitchen and the catering. Dogs got unsettled and peed in the house, old childhood rivalries raged. Its a miracle that I didn't fall back on my old crutch, but I am so glad I didn't- I would be feeling so crap now, Smoking felt like "me time" but stopping feels like a rebirth- a chance to be the best person I can. Its AWESOME.

Love this room by the way, really quite a good view from here. I can see my future and it looks bright.

sandra xxxx

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Massive well done on getting to month 3 Sandra, you've been amazingly strong and sounds like you had a mad house over Christmas!! Save me a seat I'll be joining you soon - hope its peaceful in there!!!

Karen x



Congratulations on getting to month 3 amid stressful times. You've done so well.:)

If you can make it to 3 months having lived through all of the triggers you've experienced I'm sure it'll be the Penthouse for you this year. There is plenty of room there for everyone and their dog.


Well done on getting to month 3 Sandra,

Bet you feel amazing don't you?

Molly x


Fab! Very well done Sandra. You said before they all arrived that you were worried they might stress you up to the point were you might have one.................and you didn't. Fantastic!!!. :)


big congratulations mrsm

A very big congratulations to you on this fantastic milestone!!


Sandra's only gone and done it! :D

Well done getting to month 3

Especially with all that going on around you......very impressive control there :)

Here's to the next 3 then huh?

.....are we there yet? :)

Take care




Thank you very much. Could not have done it without you!


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