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Hello month 3!!!

I know that technically I should wait until tonight but I just can't wait any longer. So I'm moving in early. I love the fact that I now have 2 months down. I honestly don't think I would have done it without the support of the forum and all you lovely people on it. I don't think thank you covers it.

On a major positive, I was at my dr surgery yesterday to see the nurse in the respiratory clinic. She did a test of my peak flow and also tested for signs of COPD. My lung function is apparently brilliant compared to the average for my age range. No signs of anything other than functioning lungs. I'm so glad to be a non smoker now and start getting on with my life.

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So good to see you sneaking in early Mark



you have been a constant support and inspiration to many


Thank you hun


hope your celebrating your milestone later especially given the results of your recent visit to the doctors



Well done Mark...keep up the good


Wow, time is flying Mark! :D

Well done on reaching Month 3, you sound so positive and happy and it's just fantastic to see. It's made my day to be honest so thank you for that. :)

Molly x

Reply Congratulations Mark, I am so pleased to see you've moved in next door, it won't be long now until we're roomies Massive well done to you :D:D:D:D


Well done Mark, moving through the rooms nicely now, congratulations!


Well Done!!

Well Done Mark :D


Well done Mark your a non smoking super star:D


Max, should you not be reading Mark his rights as technically, he is breaking and entering lol. Well done Mark, great quit:D


Great stuff Mark, you are doing fantastic :D well done


Well done!

Congratulations Mark, that is a great achievement!!!!:D:D:D

Max, love the rights:)


Thanks for all the comments guys. It hasn't been plain sailing but it has been worth it to get to were I am now. I still feel funny when I breath sometimes but at least now I know my lung function is fantastic. It was a nice boost to be told that I stopped before I caught any diseases of the lungs.

Loved the rights Max. Although I did miss the part about something 'being taken down and used against me' in court lol


Well done

Fantastic Mark! Well done keep it going now, you have done just great:)


wow 3 months already! that has gone so quick! I remember we quit at the same time! you had a slip..I had a massive blip :rolleyes: but we made it anyways! well done mate you should be so proud!

Max you need to put the rights on your signature lol xx



So, so proud of you my love. You are just sounding so positive this time round, this sounds like 'the one'. Well done:)

Fi xx


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