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Hello Month 3!


Having drank the month 2 room dry, I thought it was time to move on :p

I'm dealing fine without smoking, but I'm still reliant on NRT. However, I have a plan... :cool:

I'm going to start an exercise programme before weaning myself off NRT in order to replace some of the dopamine production, thus (hopefully) avoiding getting too depressed.

Just waiting for my local gym to come back to me with a quote... :)

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The Gym is amazing for helping you stop smoking:)

If you do start going, spend some time in sauna, jacuzzi and steam room after, helping your skin and lungs:D its great! plus its something to do to stop you from wanting to smoke!

Feel the burn! lol


Oooh - an exercise plan! Hope this goes well for you. I've never actually been in a gym - I was bone idle as a smoker, and that hasn't really changed! :rolleyes:

Fantastic to see you moving to month three Jen - really big well done!

Aww, thanks Mrs T. I see you've moved recently too, congratulations :).

Haven't actually joined the gym yet, but I've had a quote which was very reasonable and I plan to go and have a look next week.

Andie, not sure I'll be feeling much burn, certainly nowhere near as much as your gym efforts anyway! I'm mainly joining for the decent swimming pool :rolleyes: And the sauna/jacuzzi - must make sure I spend more time doing the former!!! As in swimming, that is. Might try zumba, although it sounds a bit too energetic :eek:

Woohoo well done Jen :D

Be joining you in a week or so!

Had a dream a few nights ago that I employed a personal trainer. Like MrsT I was an idle smoker and I'm practically paralysed since I quit......do you think my subconcious was trying to tell me something lol ??


well done on reaching month 3 :D:D

since i stopped smoking i dont suffer so much with a blocked nose which was a nightly thing before its like my alergies yes i still have them but some are not as strong anymore which is a big plus


yayyyyyyyyyyy well done getting into month 3. :D

Good luck with your exercise plan .

Wll done CalamityJen. 3 months!! That's pretty amazing.

I'm interested to hear about your gym experiences.

Through my work I have free access to a state of the art university gym, but I'm too scared and self-conscious to go! Stupid!

Let me know how you get on and I might just pluck up some courage!

Good luck


Thanks everyone, although I've done 2 months, not 3 (although time goes so fast I'll end up at 3 months before I know it :cool:)

Still not joined the gym yet though :o I need to get an essential item of clothing first, or I will end up giving myself a black eye when I jog ;)

Hey well done! I'll be joining you soon - well, another week or so to go yet I think.

You'll love the gym. I joined one just over a week ago (hubby gets a good deal through work). It really is good for your mood and I can see some improvements in my body already.

Swimming's great but try some of the cardio stuff - treadmill, cross trainer. I love getting puffed out because it makes me feel as though I'm going some way to repairing some of the damage I've done to my lungs.

And the steam room.... Mmm. Could do with that right now. My office is freezing. My fingers are nearly too numb to type!!

Stick with it honey x

Once you join the gym you get the bug, this time 3 months you'll be there 5 nights a week, at all the classes and gym and swimming and sauna and everything! It really does help as obviously you cant smoke in a gym;) Sauna, steam room and jacuzzi are great for relaxing too but i always feel like i have to workout before i can enjoy them lol:D Good luck and dont put it off! Try and get a cheap trial first from somewhere to see if you like it xx

I need to get some decent clothing first (I'm rather 'blessed' in a certain area, so I need a proper fitting ;)). Then I will go and have a look round the gym round the corner, I'm hoping I like it because it's sooo convenient.

I used to go to the gym a lot when I was younger, although that was when I worked part time and didn't feel like I was half asleep all the time :p I'm hoping exercise will give me some more energy too, although I've heard it can take a couple of months :eek:

I'm not putting it off, honest, I have just been busy recently :rolleyes:

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