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Hi All

So here we are on 1st January and I'm sure many people are attempting to kick the fags (not for the first time right?) - it may well seem so daunting as the hours and days not to mention the weeks and months without a cigarette :eek: stretch out ahead but I'm living proof that it can be done :)

I gave up on Dec 9th 2009 with the idea being that an early test (Christmas!!) would give me a good opportunity to test my resolve and, well..... it worked!

The main things that helped me to stay smoke free were this forum and the website in general read, read and then read some more - it really helps to both change the way you think about smoking and take heart from other people's efforts and support. I also found that it really is true that the urge to smoke really doesn't last long - when you feel like having a cigarette just go and have a glass of water, take a deep breath or two of fresh air and think about how much nicer that feels than smoke filled lungs or even just grab hold of a squeezy stress ball for a minute or two to satisfy that 'doing something with you hands' thing that can be an issue when you first stop.

Basically, I wanted to let anyone who is quitting the cigarettes or even considering doing so that if I can do it then I'm pretty sure you can too - it get's easier every day and the benefits are immeasurable. I have already not smoked more than 22400 cigarettes that I would otherwise have done so had I not stopped and in the process saved in excess of £9000 and in that time I think that a packet of 20 has increased by around 40% so it's probably more....

Anyway, I'm rambling now.... Remember - one day at a time and YOU CAN DO IT ;)

All the best everyone and Happy New Year,


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Wow, 3 years Paul, I bet smoking feels like a distant memory for you now.

Its so good of you to come on here and post. It offers all of us a huge amount of encouragement when long term quitters post. It shows better than anything else that we can and are beating this!


Molly x


Thank you Paul. This is great isn't it? the money is like those win £50.00 a week for life comps except that genuinely every ticket is a winner. I know there are a lot of fearful people about but trust us, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


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