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3 years - surprise!

Mrs StuartH reminded me yesterday... "big day tomorrow!".

"is it?"


*worried* "what have I forgotten?"

"3 Years"


Then it dawned on me.

Here I am, 3 years down. Hardly even registering that I used to be a very heavy smoker.

If I had remembered, I would have thought of something meaningful to write here, the place that helped me so much in the first year or so... but I didn't, and that is such a good thing!

Quitting is not as hard as it seems - sure there is hard stuff to overcome, but it can be done. I am nothing special, just someone who decided that he had had enough of smoking and wasn't going to do it anymore. Seriously, if I can do it anyone can.

I've had a look through some of my old posts - and am amazed at some of them. If anyone has the time and is interested in the journey... then do a search and have a read :) Diary of a quitter... Theres some memories there... lol.

"My name is Stuart, and I am a nicotine addict. Today, I choose not to smoke"

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Its grand isn't it when you don't remember.

He's right though, its not as hard as its often made out to be. With the right approach, i.e. learning about the addiction and how it effects you and what to expect from quitting, its much easier.


Hi Stuart - congratulations, and thanks for posting. I think that for many of us, forgetting is the ultimate dream! It's great to see longer term quitters on here - it really gives me hope that one day, that will be me.


forgetting is the ultimate dream!

Very true!

Well done Stuart, I'm very happy for you :)


Hi Stuart,

It`s good to hear you are still smoke free congratulaitions.



You decided to quit and I am sure that like most of us you never exspected to get to 3 months let alone 3 years :eek: but here you are and to cap it all you nearly forgot, well done Stuart I think you have done brilliantly and even when the going got tough you still kept going.

Have a great day and a happy 4th year.





Well done to you Stuart. I remember you from when I joined here over 2 years ago. I am looking forward to the day when I don't think about it either!!

Huge congrats :D

Gaynor x


Hi Stuart :D

Sorry to be a tad late but many you showed me it could be done so I followed in your footsteps then and still am today

I'm so proud of you even if you did almost forget about it

Love always

Mum xxx


Well done, Stuart, and warm hello to Marg! Glad both of you are doing so well! hugs, bella x


Well done Stuart

You still on the bike?

I did my second London to Brighton this year on my trusty stead below. All bought and paid for out of my hard earned that quite literally used to go up in smoke:eek::eek:

Good luck mate (does a little dance);)


Well done Stuart! Great to see you here! Well done!


Massive congrats to you Stuart. 3 years is an achievement that most of us here are all looking forward to. :) Well Done!


Woo hoo! Congratulations. I'm a few months off my third but it's so amazing when you get to this point to know you are well and truly home and dry!


Thanks everyone - I know I don't visit often, but this place is the "home" of my quit and without the people on this board I would never have got to the point where it was an easy thing to do. Great to see so many names I recognise still here and all the newer quitters doing so well :D

I see lots of people try and fail, as I tried and failed in the past, and I do believe that the difference is simply knowledge and talking to people who understand. Non-smokers don't get it, or care. Smokers are jealous.

3 Years seems like a long time, hell 3 days sounds like a long time to start with... but it comes round quickly and isn't anywhere near as far away as you think. Same with any journey - one step at a time.

And yes, Mr Pots... I'm still biking, your machine puts mine to shame but I do love getting out there and doing some miles now and then. That's the biggest change I've noticed, I love exercise and life is much more joyful when you can run around acting like an idiot with the kids and not collapse in a heap after 20 yards! I'm now only 3 years away from 40 and have more energy and life in me than I did at 20.


Well done Mr H.

Smoking is sooooooo last year... :)


That's a lovely post to read. I'm still a way off my first year milestone, but stories like yours make me believe I can reach it, and sail past it too.

Congratulations, be proud!



To put it frankly you are my inspiration so thank you.


Stuart So pleased for you mate. I am not quite at the forgetting stage yet but working on it.

Massive Congrats on your 3 Years



Thanks all - Sian, I notice that there is a big day for you coming up. Hearty congratulations to you :D


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