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week 3 done


three weeks done today! Onto week 4 tomorrow. Not a whole lot to report. Haven't been thinking about smoking much, Don't miss smoking much, Feel great, Mouth Ulcers gone, minimal cravings!!!

I will not start slacking off though, because i know all it takes is one puff and boom back to square one. Iv reserved a spot in the penthouse for 27/11/13 and i will show up on time!!

We are sailing into port now (hopefully the pirates stay clear of us :eek:) So i will have my first beer (s) in 3.5 weeks. I think iam going to write N.O.P.E on my hand just in case! :D

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Way to go Charlie!! :D

Never doubted you for a minute mucker!

Well done surviving work .. your biggest trigger.

Plain sailing now when you get home..

I take it the pirates thing can be a real threat?

Just tell 'em you quit smoking 3 weeks ago so they better back off if they know what's good for 'em! :mad:

Well done Chaz

Enjoy your time off :)

Cheers mate



3 weeks, well done Charles


Well done!!! :D:D

Ooohhhhh dem beers are gonna taste dam fine!!!!!!!! enjoy them you deserve them :D


Well done Charlie, you're so positive and it's makes everyone else feel positive as well.

Hope you enjoy your beers :D

I hope you have an excellent Christmas and New Year

Molly x


i just wanted to say

/......iam in deep. and my colleague was trying to give me smokes (assh%e) and i said NO...NO CHANCE! :D


sleep!":):D !



Way to go! Well done:) Another Christmas Star!

Fi x


sleep!":):D !

Charlie you are my hero, well done!

You are such a lovely lad x


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