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New member, in month 2!


I am a new member here and this is my first post having been browsing the net for giving up smoking info. I've posted in the 2nd Month section as that is where I am now in my stop smoking attempt. Sorry it's such a long post, I am just so pleased to have stopped and this seemed a good place to encourage others!

I use Personal Vapourisers (aka e-cigs) and agree (before anyone says) that I am probably as addicted to them as normal cigs. But at the moment I don't care - using them I have achieved my main goal of **giving up smoking**! So although in some ways I do feel it is almost like cheating, I can see that it is in fact just another form of NRT, the nearest 'approved' method being an inhalator I guess. When I used gum many years ago I found I 'needed' the gum in the same way, it was just less visible to others than a PV.

In the past I've tried -

Gum - stopped for 2 months with gum in the late 1980s, but relapsed in a time of stress (and drunkenness.) Stopped several other times but much shorter spells.

Patches - seemed almost useless, I think the constant nicotine delivery they provide just did not work for me.

Cold Turkey - several goes but hopeless for me, lasted a day or two at best.

Not tried -

Zyban or Champix - a couple I knew tried one of these (don't remember which) and they suffered strange side-effects that put me right off.

Hypnotherapy - a friend stopped for several months this way but he suffered some odd changes of personality problems! As though some sort of internal conflict was going on that he could not cope with very well.

Now in my 6th week since my last stinky cig I and can say that so far it's going very well. I started to feel the benefits almost immediately, within a few days my 'smokers cough' totally disappeared and my chest felt 20 years younger, like new, I now feel I have more energy and am a healthier colour (according to my kids), my teeth and tongue are much cleaner, the nicotine stains (tar stains really) have gone from my fingers, also of course I no longer smell like a smoker.

Once a week I go for a drink with friends and the club I use allows PVs to be used in the bar, a few of us use them there now and no-one bats an eyelid or complains, apart from one die-hard smoker who is now also thinking of trying. It is surprising how pernicious the nicotine circuits in the brain are, both him and another friend in his 60s who really needs to give up appear almost afraid to even contemplate any method of stopping.

Now I can even walk past the smokers huddled outside and usually not suffer any pangs when I smell the smoke. I'll be honest it sometimes smells good, but not that good! In fact the thought of actually smoking a cigarette now is pretty vile. Since my first daughter was born 20 years ago I've not smoked in the house, always stepping outside, it is wonderful to give that up. My cats were very apprehensive at first when I used the PV indoors as they always avoided cigarette smoke, but now pay it no attention at all.

My reasons for giving up are all the usual very obvious ones really. A main one is that my father passed away 11 months ago at the age of 86 after a difficult battle with cancer. He was a heavy smoker from about the age of 12 up until he was forced to quit in his 40's by ill health, mainly caused by smoking, but also lung damage from when he was a 'Bevin Boy' miner and a bout of rheumatic fever when a child, which damaged his heart. He always wanted me to stop and I hope he can see that I now have. My three children are also rather pleased with me of course!!

I started on 'normal' strength e-cigs and plan to reduce my dose over the next year or so to no nicotine, then stop the habit altogether when I know there will be no nicotine withdrawal symptoms. A neighbour of mine, in his 30s, who used to be a heavy smoker stopped with PVs about 10 months ago and has now halved his nicotine level, he tells me it is very easy if not done too fast.

For those still thinking of giving it a go, or a second or third go (like me) it can be done and the benefits are tremendous. Once you start feeling and seeing those benefits concentrate on them, be proud of the fact you no longer smell of ashtray, can walk faster and for longer without getting out of breath, look healthier, have fresh breath, cleaner teeth and are doing yourself proud winning a difficult personal battle!


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Welcome Steve, month 2 that's good going, well done :)

Don't be suprised if you receive some critical comments in connection with e-cigs and NRT. There are a few people on here who seem to be strongly anti NRT. I'm glad you are having success with it, and I think your strategy of gradually cutting down makes sense.

The main thing is what you rightly say: you aren't smoking. This is the only thing of real importance.


Hello & welcome Steve

That was a pretty detailed introduction :)

Made for good reading.

Good for you getting of the smokes. I particularly like the way you are doing it YOUR way and don't give a damn what other people think.

That shows strength and self confidence..sweet :)

I am a little worried about coming of the NRT myself but unfortunately I had to split the quit down in to stages. I can honestly say that the "habit" or psychological part of my quit is nearly dead...I am so happy not to be sucking smoke in to my lungs!

I will deal with the NRT in my own time when I know I am ready.

Thank you for actually making me feel better about that....just the ticket :)

Wishing you all the best for your quit and hope this is the one for you mate

Take care



"Don't be surprised if you receive some critical comments in connection with e-cigs and NRT. There are a few people on here who seem to be strongly anti NRT."

That was interesting, after I posted last night I was thinking that "giving up smoking" back in the 1980s when I first tried pretty well meant going cold-turkey, then the first NRT I remember, Nicorette gum, came out and I gave it my first decent try. Two months for a first go wasn't bad I feel, but one smaller factor that helped cause me to fail was the extortionate price of the gum, especially compared to now. Probably I'd have used gum again now, or inhalator, if I'd not decided to try PVs.

Now, with all the varieties of NRT available it can so easily be broken down into two stages and to me by far the most important is to GIVE UP SMOKING TOBACCO. The nicotine is an extremely minor problem health-wise compared to the smoke, with all it's tar, carcinogens, carbon monoxide etc.

It is strange, I now feel I have won the first battle and have the nicotine devil in my brain cornered and under siege. As it is no longer tied in with cigarettes which have almost no facility to reduce nic intake I can hopefully now slowly reduce my nic intake at a rate that does not risk a catastrophic return to tobacco and square one!

As Greg (Nifty) says "I will deal with the NRT in my own time when I know I am ready." That's how I feel!

I can understand some being anti NRT, maybe for some stopping the lot in one go is the best course and certainly the quickest, if it works. Maybe there should be two sub-forums, for those using all forms of NRT and for those without.

I wish everyone well in their quits and will post my experiences from time to time.




Hi Steve, it makes no difference how you quit. I don't know what some people have against NRT. Whatever works for you. I was disappointed that I couldn't go CT but I have now changed my mind. It's the psychological effects that are hardest to get rid of and keep popping up when least expected months into a quit. I bought an e cig after I had been quit a few months. I was curious:) it came with 16mg cartridges and I bought 0mg cartridges. I couldn't tell the difference. If I were you I would go to a lower cartridge as soon ASAP. You can always go back up. One way would be to have one with 11mgs and one with 16. Use the 11 mgs and only use the 16 when you are desperate. Continue lowering them until you are on zero mgs. Just my thoughts. Good luck


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