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Proud but scared !!!!

Hi all.... 40 hours into my quit and i'm feeling sooooo proud of myself, the only trouble is i've been here before, got confident and then blew it. I have really struggled over the last couple of days its consuming my every waking second & plenty in my sleep aswell, don't really know what i'm writing i'm just rambling on, the only thing i do know is that i really really really want to do it this time... 45 year old male ..15 a day for 20 years.

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First of all

welcome to the forum :)


Well done on getting through the first day :D

are you using any nrt to help at all?

bless :( it is abit dauting when you first quit but you will get through this by just trying not to think too far ahead and concentrate on the next afew hours to start with and keep saying i choose not to smoke today

it will get easier the further along your quit journer you go

keep reading and posting on here we are all in the same boat so know how your feeling

not many people can say they quit for good on there first time so dont think about previous quits they are in the past just concentrate on this one





Hi Red Robbo

Welcome onboard.

Those first few days are always the worst - we don't want to smoke but it seems it's all we can think about!

I think we all feel the same, especially those of us who have already had several attempts at quitting.

My advice is to just stick with it, accept that you are going to experience a few nasty withdrawal symptoms and just try and work your way through them, one day at a time.

Use any method of distraction you can - a short walk, reading, doing a few jobs or anything that will help take your mind off the fact that you are missing smoking. I promise you that it will get easier after a few days and you will start to feel stronger and more confident that you can do this.

Just stay with it, quitting isn't impossible and you can do it.




Didn't think coming on here would make any difference but those supporting words really have helped, thanx for that i really need all the support i can get and as for Netti see ya tomorrow on day 3, (don't let me down ) it would be great if we could get there together...


Hi Robbo and Netti

Hi Red Robbo and Netti, you could become quit buddies! It really does help knowing that someone is going through the same thing as you. Keep posting and reading all the old posts on here from long term and new quitters they really help. Onwards and Upwards to you both, this is so doable:)


Netti, good to see you again, and welcome does seem like it's all you think about but it eases off and the day will soon come when you get to lunchtime one day before it dawns on you that you've not thought of smoking all day to that point :) It might not take as long as you think......


Nope the cat one's better, covers absolutely any eventuality, love it :D


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