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Ponderings! :)

Hello peeps

Hope all is well?

(I don’t want to get too deep here but just had something I wanted to share)

I have never been a forum guy before and if I’m honest I would say I’m probably a little shy, reserved & withdrawn ….so …. typically British then! :rolleyes:

However, since I quit smoking and joined this site, I have been learning a lot about myself and changing … hopefully for the better.

In an attempt to confront my smoking addiction I have been forced to think a lot.

(very dangerous I know……)

I am slowly realising I used smoking as a barrier between me and all around.

It was far easier to nip off for a smoke instead of “dealing” with the problems that were in front of me.

I linked smoking to everything I did in life whether good, bad or indifferent.

Smoking & nicotine had weaved their evil roots into every corner of me!

Yet I was dealing with this on my own..

..happy in the knowledge that if I kept everything bottled up and under wraps …. as long as I had my smokes ….. I’d be fine!

Now that the barrier or “support system” has gone … where do I turn?

To really get to grips with the challenges that lay ahead of me I felt I had to open up a little…

That is where this site has been invaluable to me.

It has given me the chance to be open and honest about how I feel and yet still provide me the safety of distance.

It has allowed me to have many people’s perspectives on my own problem.

It has provided an outlet for joy, as well as sorrow.

It has quite literally been – a life saver!

Whilst driving to work this morning, pondering over these thoughts, the following words came to me...

...I have no idea how they sprang to my mind and I don’t know where they came from…but I can clearly see they will become my mantra throughout life from this point on.

In order to truly free the mind, first we must open our hearts.

Thank you for allowing me to do that,

Take care peeps

Greg :)


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Another beautiful post Greg, and so very true!

You can ponder on here as often as you like because they are all well worth reading!

Thank you matey :)

Molly x


Nice post Greg - I agree that this forum provides a place for open honesty with the safety of distance - I too am learning about myself...I didn't realise i was such an angry head and am very grateful that people still take time for me on here even after hearing my psychotic rants :o

I can't imagine you as shy or just seem like a dude to me :) with some very invaluable insight into life as we know it :)

Onwards and upwards we go!!! :D


Lovely post Greg.............and so very true!!



Amazing post as always ,

And so very true :D


I agree with you too. I love this forum for that reason too. It's that anonymous closeness...or something, that you feel for your fellow quitters. If I felt it was just me going through this I would explode.


What an open and thought provoking post Greg, and very true. I think you're right in that smoking masks many thoughts and emotions and these will probably come to the fore now you've quit the smoking. Lots to think about on our journey ahead xx


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