A different approach (for me)

Hi everyone,

I thought I would write here my reasons and why I know and feel this is it, the last and successful quit.

Reasons, well, I could go on forever, we have all got our reasons and some of us the need to quit for other reasons, some here you will recognize in your own circumstances I am sure. I have tried to put them in some sort of priority order, but each one on their own is enough in reality to make me quit.

1. My son told me to - he said one day "Dad, Mom you should stop smoking, smoking kills, its says so on the packet".

2. My Dad lives with me through ill health, related to smoking.

3. My own health, after a recent medical I was shocked to find out that I have the lungs capacity of a 63 year old (I am 32)

4. Financial reasons, although not a main reason for quitting, in this day and age every penny counts, so if I put away £6 a day rather than setting fire to it, well we shall be comfortable.

Reasons enough I am sure for most people to quit for good. However, I have planned in the recent past for quits, with not to dissimilar reasons only to get to week 2 or 3 and then spark one back up. Amazing how just one turns into 25-30 a day addiction again in no time at all.

Then last Wednesday, I went with my wife to her first, initial NHS Support appointment. She is quitting using Champix, quit date set for this Sunday (16 Dec). She got called in and I sat in the waiting area after saying to my wife I will quit with you but on my own in a few months when I am ready and prepared. Anyway not 2 minutes into her appointment she came out and asked me to join her. What could I do; so I went and joined. The NHS nurse if I would like to quit as this would be of great support not only for my wife but for me also. Under pressure slightly I said ok and got patches on prescription. Soon after though that pressure to quit vanished, and found myself on Thursday morning putting the first patch on. And here I am one whole week down the line, smoke free, and loving it. No major blips or cravings, well none that I haven't overcome. It sounds like a cliche, but this time it really is different, and I know why. When I tell you why however, I am not saying this will work for you, I am just saying this worked for me.

In past quits there is always that build up to the day. The intrepid wait, the dreaded wait as though that day is something to be feared. Well that's how felt about it. On this quit it was just thrust upon me, no plans, no date it just happened. Maybe that's just my personality, I do not like being told what to do and when to do and when to have it done by.

Well, that's my story, that's my theory of why I know my quit will be a success, I have made the choice to be smoke free (with a initial shove). I hope that this strikes a chord, even if it inspires just one person to quit then it was worth telling my tale.


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  • This is the one

    Hi Don, I am not sure why but I imagined you were older? However I am so glad that you are only 32 and that you will get the full benefit of this quit. This quit that you so rightly say "Is the one". You and your wife could not do anything better for yourselves and for your family. Anyway I dont need to tell you that as you have just very eloquently told us all your reasons.I wish you very well on your quit and I for one am convinced you will be successful just feel it in your posts. I also kind of quit without meaning to after my sister was diagnosed with Empysema so maybe there is something in that theory of yours.:)

  • Hi haze, and thanks.

    I feel my name is old fashioned and puts on a false face. Bear in mind that it is only the theory behind what I feel will be my successful quit, as we know everybody is different. I can also empathize with your situation with your sister as my cousin has the same condition. He is 1 year older than myself and smokes like proverbial chimney. Sad to see, and only so much any one can do. You have my thoughts and my strength in what is a difficult situation.


  • Wow Don, I'm so pleased you are quitting so young and it certainly sounds like the unplanned approach is going to work for you (sorry not sounds like, IS)

    You are already such a positive influence on this forum, it feels like you've been here much longer than a week! Are you sure you haven't been here for 6 months with your lemon slices?

    You're doing brilliantly chuck, forever it may continue

    Molly x

  • Hi Molly

    You got me. I have been here longer than a week. I actually joined in February (my last ill fated quit), I even set up a group for all those that quit that month. But, as so happened with all my quits before, I succumbed to the beast. Although quitting this is a definite, what wasn't was coming back to this forum. I was so ashamed, but immensely proud, of the people on here that are still going strong from that group. In fact it was a harder choice to come here again than quitting was. But I realize what an asset this is, it is the best weapon to have in your arsenal. So, I swallowed that pride, and started posting, and boy am I glad I did.


    P.S I have a real thing for lemon slices a the moment. mmmmmm :D

  • Don't ever be ashamed Don, it is your life and the thing with quitting is that we just expect it to be sooooo hard because that is what we are lead to believe that we can't see the light at the end of the tunnel in those early days.

    That is where supporting each other on here is a life saver, there's always someone a little or a lot further on to bolster us and make us see that it WILL get better if only we hold on. You have some invaluable experience going on chuck. You'll be going to the penthouse and beyond this time mate.

    By the way, I love your name, I had a really special relative with the same one x

    Ps I'm rather partial to jam doughnuts myself!

    Molly x

  • I can say I am not ashamed now, only of not doing this sooner. There is always someone here to chat with, and it just doesn't matter where they are in their quit because you share the same experiences as each other.

    Yes, indeed, lets all get into that Penthouse, and they best build an extension if I keep throwing these lemon slices down my throat lol. First things first though, starting week 2 (wow week 2 already) tomorrow so the immediate goal to reach is Day 14.


    Jam/Custard/Chocolate doughnuts, to be fair anything sugary and bad for you, yummy!!!!

  • Good goal, mine is 3 months on 28th December. The longest quit I've ever had was 3 months so after that I'll be heading into unchartered territory! It's not a scary thought anymore though :)

    Here's to 14 days for you Don, and 14 jammy doughnuts! :D

    Molly x

  • Great story Don..and it rings bells with me.

    You are so right when you say the "dreaded wait"....

    I was absolutely crapping myself as it loomed on me!

    I think that is why I started my quit 5 days before I was supposed to. I had set my day with the Nicorette Active Stop programme and began worrying about it from that moment on...

    I don't like that feeling and, like you, hate being told what I can and can't do so in true Baldrick style .... "I had a cunning plan!"

    To "surprise" myself and stop before I was supposed to....Ha! I'll show me!

    (so far, so good)

    You and I proved the old adage that there is never a good time to stop, or that tomorrow never comes....

    Well we're actually proving that wrong here, there is a good time ... and it's now! :D

    Well done with your positivity mucker it's infectious and uplifting! :)

    Let's hope anyone reading will jump in and give it a go..

    All the best


  • Hey not long now for that. that's immense. Can anything beyond the 3 month point be any worse than we have been through already? I don't know, but I would like to think not.

    You have the right attitude and commitment and I have no fears of you maintaining your smoke free life. How proud you must be, I am.

    I really fear for my digestive system at present though, it just doesn't know what's hit it. :eek:

    Don x

  • I really fear for my digestive system at present though, it just doesn't know what's hit it. :eek:

    Don x

    Don't worry petal, your appetite will settle down, I think it was about 6 weeks or so in for me. Spoil yourself, you're only young and any weight gain can be sorted later :)

    Molly x

  • Nifty

    Ours posts clashed, thank you for your comments, they never fail to raise me up, even when I'm up there on cloud nine (wife says away with the fairies, but that's is a matter of opinion).

    A great line there Nifty,

    You and I proved the old adage that there is never a good time to stop, or that tomorrow never comes....

    Well we're actually proving that wrong here, there is a good time ... and it's now!

    Don :D

  • Nothing wrong with fairies mucker!

    Apparently ... they wear boots! :D

    and are "well aaarrrddd!"

  • I think you may have something there - if we plan a quit, we procrastinate, we worry etc, you just need to bite the bullet and jump in the deep end!! As you said no time like the present.

    Like you I kind of quit unexpectedly...I always used to say after the weekend, after this etc etc but I just decided to quit one day. I was on leave from work which was probably the hardest as days off was when I would smoke (I only smoked at home, not at work) - so I had 5 days of, what do I do with my time off if I can't smoke? How stupid is that?! Anyway, the upshot is, I did it, I quit, at the time I would consider most difficult, so from then I knew it could only get easier.

    This forum is a massive help too!!

  • youve had that DING light bulb moment, and as you say no build up just the thought of I AM doing this

    Molly - im only a few hours ahead of you - my 3 month mark is Dec 27th! (@3pm) i thought i was all alone ! (dates wise anyway)

    keep on keepin on hun youre doing great

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