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2 years here we come


hello all! i know i havent been on here in forever and im so sorry! i am doing great and will hit 2 years quit on jan 1 2013/ hope all my new year quitters 2011 buddies are still with me.....i am currently 8 months pregnant with a baby boy and all is going well....i would love to hear from all of you to see how you are all doing.

karri---thank you for thinking of me....the hurricane did effect so many here in long island ny..i was one of the lucky ones who only lost power and had some roof damage..not to bad..some lost there whole house...so terrible!

thanks to everone who helped get me to 2 years quit (in 3 weeks--that is) during my first 6 months you all saved me so many times and i am so so grateful and so is this baby inside me!! love to all and plz keep up the good fight and stay quit---it is soooooooooooooooooooooo worth it!

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well done

Congratulations on your baby and on 2 years quit that is a great achievement. I bet you are really looking forward to a healthier happier future now so well done!:)

hellllooo IAQ

so good to hear from you and so happy all is well with baby be sure to post some pics

all good this way looking forward to my 2 year anniversary never in a million years did i ever think i could be at this point, but i am and its down to everyone on here saving me in my tough times

i was chatting to my sister about my quit and how far i have come and about what helped me my patches, inhalator, allen carr book and most of all this forum and i was very emotional talking about it

i am so happy for you and so glad i know you


I'm still with you Chrissy :D

Can't believe it's nearly two years :eek:

I know i wouldn't have done it without the help of the people on this forum.

A BIG thank you to one and all :)

Im still here too.... weirdly, i still get the occasional craving, but theyre short lived. Good luck to all those in the early part of their quit, its well worth it.

Congratulations on you're forthcoming addition :-) . I am still here after 2 years and going strong. I can honestly say that I get no cravings at all now and am so glad I did this. Well done to everyone else who has made it and everyone who is starting or continuing their journey. It is so worth it. I will be running my first half marathon in March 2013 and intend to do the London Marathon in 2014. Happy new year to you all. :-)

I am also still here... can't believe we made it this far.

been having a few cravings recently, but the force is strong to stay quit.

well done everyone. :D

It's so lovely to read a post like this. All good news:) Very encouraging to read.

lostiethe answer to a successful quit is a strong resolve... you have done the hard yards so pat yourself on the back, you are psychologically closer towhere we are than you think. x

tomorrow is the day we hit 2 years!! yeah for us!! take a bow! :p

and to all new quitters you can see by this forum that this is all totally possible. none of us thought we could accomplish 1 day let alone 2 years but we did one day and one hurdle at a time so well done to all those who have taken the steps to live a cleaner and healthier life!!

and happy new year to all...into year 3 of our smoke free life and soon to welcome my baby boy next month!! enjoy all:D

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