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Day 7

Well I have reached a week without a cigarette, it's not been easy and I'm sure i have been a absolute nightmare to live with an work with but I have got here and delighted.

Thanks to Ollie in particular for the continued support and will have to give you my number prior to Sat night. All the rest of the guys who joined our Xmas group have been equally supportive and I appreciate all messages and like me you guys are nailing it.


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Yey Clarky!!!

Well done mate, likewise I'm not sure I could have got here without the help of you and all the other guys on here. Top banana fella, really excellent.

7 days ago I was looking forward and thinking how much I wished I was a week into it, and before you know it here we are. It's been, and continues to be hard, but I feel really proud of us. The trick now I think is not to get complacent, and be on guard constantly against those triggers and that annoying devil in the brain that will keep whispering in our ears for quite some time to come for sure, and with the occasional shout which we must be prepared for, but I'm sure we are.

3 weeks is my next base camp, and glad you're climbing with me pal! We're getting stronger now I can feel it.




It's been a very tough week for both of you, well done for getting through it. You're both still sounding strong, so week 2 looks promising.


Well done Clarky! You're well on your way now ;)



Congrats Clarky,

One week done, chalk that one off. Sounds like Sat night is a big one. You have my support to mucker, as Sat night is a test for me also (wife B'Day, hitting the town). Its comforting to know that we shall both be tested, and come Sunday morning being proud to say "we did it, temptation resisted". All the best mate.

Don :)


well done you 2 (i know there is a 3rd in your gang but cant for the life of me remember - is it don?)

see a week has flown, youll be in the penthouse before you know it!


Hi Sassy

Almost in the 1 week club, that's tomorrow.:) Clarky, Gladi8tor and HadEnuf are the 3 you are thinking of.



Well done all 3 of you, you're now into counting in weeks rather than days(won't be long before its months!)

Good luck for Saturday!!

Karen x


Well done you Christmas quitters! 1 week is brill it is the worst week over and done with:)

Good luck for Saturday night although it is so bloody cold would you want to be outside freezing just to smoke?


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