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Day 5 = Road Rage


Is it just me or does every driver on the road today know that I am in the early stages of quitting, I mean going 10 -15 mph slower than the speed limit, pulling over without any kind of indication, not indicating at junctions. Suffice to say I was pretty annoyed and was verbally explicit in letting my feelings known. At this point my long suffering wife asks "whats with you today?" and when my reply "what do you think?" was rather to snappy and forceful the realization set in that I was in a crave. With that realization, suddenly I felt good, I have got to Day 5 relatively easily, this was my first real craving. Rather than harbor the thought of having a cigarette, I swallowed hard, took several deep breathes, apologized to my poor wife, who instantly and lovingly forgave me and just let that wanting/unwanted feeling wash over me. So here I am heading towards the end of day 5 with another battle in the war complete and victorious.

Well that's the story of my smoke free day, I thought I would share. :)

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Hi Lostie,

I had a feeling I wouldn't be alone. If I could just lock myself away for the next 4 days that would be the best, but normal life has to continue doesn't it, and best it probably does. Don't get me wrong, I am not a speed demon, but if the sign says 50 do close to it and not 35, and then come to sudden stop to turn right with no indication.

If you explained to me that you were in a quit, I would not be annoyed, sympathetic and encouraging/encouraged yes!!

Don :D

Hi Don

Well handled, and you too Mrs. Don :D

I felt that everybody needed to know I've stopped!

Pulling my hair out, gritting my teeth, spitting flames ... "Do You People Have Any Idea What I'm Going Through Here!!!! :mad:"

When I actually realised (took me a while ... bit slow on the uptake!) "life goes on" it really helped me to be honest.

I was trying to take a withdrawn perspective and trying to observe myself and life going on all around me, traffic, bedlam in work, trying to walk through a busy town etc and thinking

Not one of these people actually gives a flying fug if I smoke or why should it bother me! No-one is going to do me any favours ... Life goes on and on and on and on.......... and on even longer now we've stopped! :)

Maybe sounds strange but it did help me so I went with it.

Well done so far Don

Keep calm and carry on!




Hi Don. 5 days man! That's great. I know it's hard, I really know mate. I'm finding it difficult to concentrate mostly so when I'm driving I have to be extra careful to focus at the moment. And yes, the old angry man is right there just bubbling away under the surface.

My Mrs nearly kicked me out on Saturday. Did my usual trick of picking a fight, finding one, then trying to use it as an excuse to go and get some ciggies.

I'd warned her I'd do this this time however, so she figured out what was going on and told me I couldn't blame it on her if I started smoking again. Damn! Foiled again....and I woudda gotten away with it to if it wasn't for those pesky kids haha! No i was really pleased she saw through my subterfuge(even if i didn't at the time). Day 6 now and fighting the good fight with the help of a good woman, and endless snacks!



well done, and hugs to your lovely wifey

you've been here before and you know in a few days time, which is just a little bunch of hours really so not that far away at all, you'll feel more human

hugs xx

Thanks guys

Its another great incentive to see and hear all your experiences and how you dealt with. It reinstates that conviction to keep on the road (tar free road) to freedom and healthiness. Must say at this moment all is well and calm. Just sat here chilling with my son and browsing this forum.



is don is good

well done you recognised the crave and dealt with it accordingly super effort



Eleven months, three weeks, three days, 18 hours, 54 minutes and 16 seconds. 21647 cigarettes not smoked, saving $12,338.93. Life saved: 10 weeks, 5 days, 3 hours, 55 minutes.

Is it just me or does every driver on the road today know that I am in the early stages of quitting, I mean going 10 -15 mph slower than the speed limit, pulling over without any kind of indication, not indicating at junctions.

Haha, nothing to do with smoking (or giving up smoking in this case). The country is ram packed with steady eddie drivers who:

a, have their own interpretation of speed limits,

b, on motorways still think the limit is 60mph like it was 40 years ago,

c, will happily cruise along in the inside lane with an empty outside lane despite knowing that there are drivers joining via a slip road....

Mate, it's these people who cause most of the accidents on the roads -- the drivers who pay no attention to anything on the road.

Good work giving up and hope it goes well over crimble.

Ha ha

you are right mark, but usually I am mild tempered, easy going kind a guy, but people have pushed beyond that point this week. Ah well Day 8 today and still going strong.

And congrats to you is that a week now?


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