Day 25 and have been off the gum now for 3 days (this is my third day). Am determined to get shot of it as I cant buy it over here and not returning to the UK until December - no alternatives over here as smoking is a hobby so need to embrace a nicotine free life sooner rather than later.

Very angry today but am struggling through.......I will NOT give into it!! Hoping will subside soon - pass me the cake!!

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  • :(

    hope your mood starts to improve soon hun have you tried mediation or mindfullness when you start to feel angry by just focusing on your breathing for afew minutes and as you breath slowly try relaxing your body bit by bit it does help

    if that dont work then yep cake is the answer :p

    here is a pic to drool over shame i cant teleport the real thing to you :rolleyes::)

  • Well done for getting this far Vicky, I found a good scream then punching a few pillows helped me, TOH wasn't impressed, he was having a lie in at the time :D

  • Thanks everyone (esp for the cake!!).

    Kind of coming in waves now so think Im getting through it - going to get back down the squash court tonight and better the hell out of some balls.....works wonders for my stress levels!!

    Really odd but thought it would have got easier the longer the quit went on - I guess I have been fixating on the gum the last few weeks but have my tangle toy, vicks sniffer stick (am addicted to that big time!) and sugar free gum so all good. Wasnt born smoking!!

  • Thats the spirit and taking out your rage on the squash court will not only give you an outlet it means you will be burning of more calories so you can eat more cake :D thats a great bonus

  • I hope you got through it OK, Vickie! Another little victory under your belt in the fight against nicotine and it'll make you stronger going forward.:)

    Day 25 is such an achievement, Vickie......well done! Only a few more days and you'll be in the Month 2 room!:D



  • Hoorah......

    ........I survived!!! THE most angriest day so far but I didn't smoke and I didn't have any gum!!!!

    Feeling very proud of myself-have definitely stuck two fingers up to the little yellow man today. Off to bed.....lets see what tomorrow bring. Friday for starters, whoop, whoop!!

  • Oh, I'm so pleased you survived it, Vickie! :D It was a battle wasn't it! BUT now you know that you can do it and that really will make you so much stronger going forward!



  • Well done Vickie, I too sympathise.....as I've posted a dozen times on here, my username wasn't plucked out of a hat on my third day.....it passes, hang on in there....;)

  • Happy, happy, happy!!!!

    just a quick check in - having a much better day today and still no gum (4th day now).

    25 days, 12 hours and 46 minutes not smoked,

    511 cigarettes not smoked,

    217.02 not wasted (no pound sign on this stupid Indonesian laptop!), and

    1 day and 21 hours back for me to enjoy!!!

    Happy Friday everyone!!!!!!

  • :D:D:D

    So glad your having a better day hun


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