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Things I am Grateful For!

Hello all,

Seeing as so many are feeling so positive I thought I'd throw something in to the soup!

Went out on the bike today for a 20 mile ride and it felt absolutely bloody brilliant.

As Mols said in her post, the sun was shining, the temperature was perfect (well after putting a few sports layers on that is!) and my legs just kept Bradley Wiggins by any means but felt good to me.

I would never have dreamed just 4 months ago (when I started cycling to get my blood pressure down) that I would be sitting here typing this to online friends and quit buddies!

When I first started I could barely go 2 miles without feeling like my legs were going to jump up round my neck and throttle me to make me stop! :eek:

(I managed to avoid exercise for 43 and a bit years but now it seems to have got a hold on me ... better late than never!

I could never have attempted what I did today whilst I was still smoking and I felt so grateful that I have stopped.

I enjoyed so many small things on my way round today, the rabbits, the geese (hard to miss, there's about 10,000 of them here at the moment!), the waves from kids in the back of the odd car that passed me.....

I didn't enjoy the potholes mind you ... well my bum didn't anyway! The new bike has a saddle like a twig!! ow!

So I had to share Things I am Grateful For:

I am grateful for my life.

I am grateful for my wife.

I am grateful I have quit.

I am grateful for my health.

I am grateful for Sian and Biggrin (the other two thirds of The Three Musketeers!)

I am grateful I can B-R-E-A-T-H-E!

I am grateful I found this site.


I am grateful I met YOU. (well metaphorically speaking know what I mean)

I forgot to take my camera out today but I always take pictures of where we live so have posted a couple of "ones I prepared earlier"

When I smoked I took most things for granted, all the little things passed me by .... one of the ways that stopping has affected me is slowing down and taking time to appreciate everything around me.

I hear all the positivity from all of the newbies with me and I know .... this is our time .... this is our quit .... this is US.

Take care peeps



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Another Brilliant post Greg

I'm grateful for a so many many things too since quitting.

Lot of success stories on here at the mo and even more positivity:)

Fi x


What a lovely post, thanks for sharing x


That's an amazing post Greg, you're an inspiration love. Thank you x

I adore the pictures by the way :D

Molly x



Fab post fab pics fab guy.xx:)


Positivity rocks!


I agree - what a lovely post. The pics are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing,

Sharon, xo


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