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Day 6- I am still here but now I see WITHDRAWAL / OUCHHHHH


Ok . Thank you for all your support thus far.

I didnt go to work today :/

I dont want to smoke coz I have no cravings. Im effing sick!!!!! There are a number of issues here of which I dont know what is normal and what is not (coz i know smoking masks a lot of issues):

1. I went to bed around midnight yday and woke up at 2.30 am pissed off coz I dreamed of smoking last night and thoguht I had smoked. Small scare but got thru it when I woke up .

2. However, ever since yday, I have this INTENSEEEEEEE BODY ACHE and EXTREME burning feeling in my upper chest / lungs especially when I lay down. Most of the times its only on 1 side but switches up left or right as it feels like but sometimes its on both sides together. It feels like my chest is on FIRE especially when im laying down and like im going to have a heart attack. I freakedddd out last night and strated googling stuff...maybe its acidity or heartburn but that bad? like the feeling like im going to die and have to cover my left side of my chest with my hand? ok that is NOT pleasant and I could not effing sleep all night because of this damn burning sensation so I skipped work . Just got in a nap for 1.5 hours but the sensation is back again :/ wtf!!! But the body aches suck with my left arm and right arm and back hurting. more than the aches, the burning sensation is scary as hell .

3. my neck feels heavy (left side or side again alternates but never both sides together) as though there is extra tissue/mass under my jaws . This has been happening for a few months now but is more promiment once I stopped smoking. I thought it would get better . thats not good coz it could be cancer or a tumor and even though im 29 this shit can happen . **** !

So, as you can see, I am having a bad day . Im not angry, im just irritated and SCARED!! i dont have any cravings today ...i mean shit how can i if im feeling sick. either way not going to smoke ...that is not even on my mind today very afraid about physical situation here. I was supposed to work out yday but I didnt end up going. I will try to work out today for the first time as a non smoker.

ANyone else have similar issues/.?:mad::eek:

Its weird because I was in a great mood the last 3-4 days and had minor sleep issues but now its gotten relly bad last night

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I have the aches in the lungs :eek: I don't like it either but I think it's the cleaning process so don't worry,

Well done on 6days


I had a heavy feeling on my chest for a few weeks like someone was sitting on it..

Or it cud be anxiety that can make u feel like u Carnt breath and ur having a heart attack..

Or with it being winter it could just be the start of a chest infection

If ur worried u should see ur GP..

And the jaw ache is most probley tension from giving up.. Ur body is stressed as its cleaning away the chemicals., its under pressure and the jaw and neck take the stain

Popo725 Years Smoke Free


Sorry about your issues, a lot of the time when we give up our bodies become hyper sensitive and we start looking for every little niggle to mean something, if you had any of these little niggles a week ago you wouldn't have given it a second thought.

I experienced similar things since I quit I've been convinced I have asthma, emphysema, cancer, dvt, heart problems... None of it for me was really more than a little niggle.

I took some reassurances from the good man Freud ....and his experience of giving up.

Freud wrote


Soon after giving up smoking there were tolerable days. Then there came suddenly a severe affection of the heart, worse than I ever had when smoking. ... And with it an oppression of mood in––– which images of dying and farewell scenes replaced the more usual fantasies. . . . The organic disturbances have lessened in the last couple of days; the hypo-manic mood continues. . . . It is annoying for a doctor who has to be concerned all day long with neurosis not to know whether

he is suffering from a justifiable or a hypochondriacal depression. "

I have read a few things about Freud and his quit attempts and they always bring a smile to my face, he basically went bananas and each time was convinced he was dieing of one thing or other.... Ultimately he did die at a ripe old age, no doubt with a cigar still hanging out his mouth...bless him..

In short just relax a bit and try to separate your anxiety from what you are really really feeling and breath and see if it is as bad as you thought it was, worked wonders for me in the first month... Not so well for old Freud though.

Hi ak

Sorry to hear you are having it rough at the moment

I loved Popo's Freud quotes, I am going to have to hunt them out for reading matter!

Can I put a lighter spin on it if I may?

Exactly how hard did you hit the gym yesterday?

You mentioned frightened dumbbells? ... well are they? :)

I substituted very heavy exercise for smoking very early on in my quit as I was hunting for the endorphins....I was actually "knocking myself for 6" (hope you know that one?) and got so exhausted I had to stop for a good week or 10 days.

I also think I blamed everything on quitting smoking, sort of similar to Popo.

Maybe some of my tiredness, aches and pains were already there I just didn't notice ... I'd just grab a beer, knock the TV on and have a few smokes....relaxing! (Not!)

I went cold turkey early in my quit and sad to say I only lasted 2 days!

I was out of it! ... and I do mean out of it!

Light headed, sick, weak, hated everyone around me in work...

Felt like the worst case of flu I had ever experienced. :eek:

(It was a drug fuelled p*ss up and I was getting it for free! Felt great at first)

I thought I would buckle so I decided to back out of the water and lower myself back in gently with NRT! ... a great ana logy given to me by Haze when I was crying for help.

From what I have read of other Cold Turkey's :D you will be through it sooner than you think.

I still have this to look forward to but in a slightly different way. :)

By all accounts you are through the worst and you will be getting stronger and stronger the further away you get from your last smoke.

As Popo and others have said, try to relax and let it wash over you.

Hope you are feeling better soon

Take care


Update to Day 6

Ok So pretty much felt like crap all day. Heartburn, a bit dizzy, hungry as hell, tired, NOT angry or cranky or irritated, just felt sick and weak. No cravings - ZERO because I felt like crap.

Just got back from the gym ...I said I would go yday but didnt end up going coz I got lazy ...whoops. So today was Day 1 in the gym as a non smoker. Didnt want to strain myself too much because Im not feeling great so just wanted to do mild exercise.

Ran for about 1.3 miles in 15 mins. Burned 150 calories. Interval running. Not too shabby. Feel pretty good right now. GOnna shower up and then eat followed by cleaning my room coz I have friends visiting for the weekend starting tomorrow. And then some bed time reading with Mr. Allen Carr....gosh its funny how you can do things if u just change the way u look at them. wtf have I been doing for 10 years..... :/ I cannot blv I have been smoking for 10 whole years. thats insane! and to be honest, smoking never let me accomplish anything and I think it gave me ADD because I would smoke every 30 mins or so if I wasnt at work . wow. feeling better today...

Neck lump / numbness is still there. IM going to the doctor next week AGAIN (ive gotten an MRI and blood tests before ...tests came out negative...MRI showed enlarged lymph nodes but nothing serious...but this comes and goes so I need to get this shit sorted once and for all > I better not have lymphoma...I will NOT be happy. ) :/

My real test comes this weekend because I have friends visiting and they will want to go out drinking....oh scared. I wont smoke but Its going to be hard not to knock back a few drinks with them .....but thats a BIG BIG trigger so im going to have to keep myself in check.

there is NO way i am wasting 6 days of hard work . no effing way ! i shall not smoke . period. end of story. i am actually getting mad while reading Allen Carr that I couldnt think like this before. its nothing but an addiction and I alwasy wondered how I felt before I started smoking. Funny thing is when there are no cravings for a fe hours I feel like I felt right after having a cigarette (coz u fed the monster so there are no cravings. ) . weird eh . ughhh

And on to a new day ! Toodles and thanks for your all support :)

Large lymphs can just be a sign of a cold coming in. I have a similar habit and am only a few days ahead of you in my quit. If you are really freaked out about pain definitely go to a doctor to remove all doubt. You would be surprised on what the mind can do though... Whatever you do don't let it turn you back to smoking. I've been doing the same thing as far as exercising and reading, using the time I'm craving or the time I would have been smoking to better myself has been one of the most positive aspects of quitting. I am confident that the discomfort you are feeling is just withdrawal related and nothing too serious. Welcome to the circus AK, were stuck in this god damned midget clown car together!

hi there - as mad as it sounds that all sounds normal to me :)

The jaw thing could be a cold but a dentist friend of mine says she sees alot of ppl after they quit with tender gums tootheache and so on, i had jawache, and it was because i ws grinding my teeth at night, as it is i DO need stuff done as ive dodged the dentist for 10 yrs.

but you sound incredibly motivated and strong well done x

go the docs for an MOT theyll have some advice for you if nothing

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