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End of day 12

First time posting but I'll be brief. End of twelfth day. Getting easier and coughing up lung butter's actually rewarding. Quit cold turkey and the first three days sucked. Reasoning: I wanted the nicotine out and frankly I think NRT is a load and just perpetuates. This is my second attempt and rather than reacting to cravings I've been proactive and attacking what I know will act as triggers one at a time. Brain vs Brain warfare, ironic and challenging. Been doing 1.5mile runs to get back into shape starting on day 7 and alternating every other day. I'll keep you posted as I fight the good fight. If your in this with me I just want you to know you're one of the few humans on the planet I love right now.

Quit Date: November 23 24:00

Age : 27

Habit. : 20/Day

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Thanks for the reply. So far so good. I don't think I am any stronger than the next person. I am however very focused on making this quit my final one. The problem I had before was overconfidence once I quit and slipped back into "just one" which led to "just two" and so forth. This time it is "just none" once I am done. I have abstained from recreational drugs and alcohol since my quit. This weekend will mark my two week and I will slowly start to introduce social drinking which I think will be one of my hardest triggers. All the best.


Hey anonymouseone, well done on getting to day 12, and getting out running - exercise prevents the craves I think ! I completely relate to your story of getting back into smoking with the "just 1" scenario - exact same happened to me on a previous quit and I'm bloody annoyed with myself. This time there will be none, not ever!!


hey anon

well done on getting to day 12! awesome,

I found (on someones tagline)





its really helped me, ive usually failed through the just one is ok thinking.

good luck and looking forward to your posts x


Hi Mouse.

Wow congratulations on your 12 day quit, just a few days behind me, well done.

Keep posting and let us know how you're doing.

Will be keeping my eyes on you :D

Take care

Love May x


Well done mate, keep going ! Xmas will be a hell of a lot cheaper this year without those minging cigs.


Glad so many if you are so close to my quit date as well. I'll be eagerly looking out for your posts. I'm sure we will be sharing very similar thoughts and feelings. We are indeed kindred in spirit.


Great start Anonymouse, you sound confident and well prepared - it bodes well for you, nice one. :)


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