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Can you believe it 7 wks


Yep 7wks free of the cancer stinking sticks, and have a clean bill of health Yipeee

If anybody had said 7wks ago " Sian 7wks time you'd have not had 1 cig, puff etc "I'd have laughed at them:eek: but here I am 7wks smoke free and loving it......

I have too admit that if it wasn't for Greg, biggrin and everybody else here who's showed me such support I'm not sure I'd be here today so thank you....

Anybody starting on this journey keep going and don't take 1 single puff as it will lead u back to smoking quicker than u can say boo, believe me I've done it so many times, but not this time :D

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Way to go Sian, you have things so tough sometimes being round heavy smokers but you're always so positive!

You're brill matey and absolutely destined for the penthouse! X


Yes I believe it, 7 weeks, well done:). I've had a feeling from the start that you were going to do well in your quit. And you've proved me and my crystal ball right!!!

Fi x

Thanks Molly,

But with tough acts like yourself to follow we certainly got a work cut out :D

Just think though this time next yr we will be sitting in the outside heated pool of the penthouse enjoying our Champaign on ice :D

Fi you and your crystal ball are amazing

Hope u are joining Holly and I in the outside pool of the penthouse with the Champaign :D

Top stuff Sian, you're so string and an inspiration to us all. Fab achievement Hun x


I don't know what to say :o ...

...but then I usually think of something and ramble on like an idiot saying all the wrong things! :rolleyes:

7 weeks, feels a bit surreal doesn't it?

The longest quit I have ever had in my life is 17 days...and believe felt like 17 years!! hard for every minute!

I wouldn't have lasted this long without you or must be the smallest gang in the world! But ready to take on the world if need be!!

( go first .... I'm right behind you! :D )

I truly believe that the main thing that has helped you stay quit is YOU!

You have been an inspiration to us all.

You have stuck to your guns through maybe one of the scariest experiences you have ever had, the thought of COPD at your young age must have terrified you.....yet you stuck with it.

Having to deal with your smoking patients is another matter all together, and I won't even get started on that one again........

Suffice to say, how you do it is a miracle to me.

I can, however, see your point, the longer you maybe "have" to do it, the more it will confirm your quit.......could I suggest some breathing apparatus?

I'd love to see their faces when you walk in with a full chemical suit something out of one of the alien films! chortle! titter!

Everybody on this site is a hero in the making.

We all help each other every day.

Anyone browsing this thinking of quitting please take a moment to really understand what this site can do for YOU. I never EVER thought I would get this far....

Sure I thought of quitting but kept asking "how the hell am I ever going to do it?"

I may not have all the answers yet to my quit but I certainly have a head start with the amazing people I have met on this site.

So Sian, well done with your quit, I hope your husband and family are so proud of you, I know we certainly are.

We started quitting together, by chance, and by God we will walk in to that Penthouse with our heads held high together ... by design! (and sheer bloody mindedness! :D )

It's going to be a Happy HAPPY Christmas!

Take care



He says it so much better ^

What greg said and a hug from me


well done sian

7 weeks crikey. If this quit was a baby she would be smiling and laughing now, awesome!

Well done, was 7 weeks for me on Monday...and it felt so good...still get the odd craving, but nowhere near caving in...hope it stays that way for us and all our fellow quitters!!!!

Hey well done Sian, Congratulations on your 7 weeks :) So pleased for you.

Love May x

feeling honoured

Thank you everybody for all your support and wonderful msgs

Hello Cymro wondered where u had been :)

Greg your thread is just amazing and I wouldn't be prouder holding hands with our little group and walking in to the penthouse next Oct :D

nice one

Hi Sian

Very pleased for you, especially with the added pressure of being around smokers so much, I think you should wear the suit like Greg said..........freak them all out...


Well done, Sian, another week down. Time seems to be moving a bit quicker now than it was in the first few days/weeks.

Nifty, you and I are like a quitting tag team, I think. :D

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