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Cant believe i will be leaving you all soon


and moving into month 4 in a few days ;) wow im so pleased with myself and with everyone who will be joining me in month 4.

I have been on a long road and a very bumpy one but i no i will come out at the other end a lot healthier.

How are you doing Dave? i havent seen you on here for a while

I am with he smoking woman tomorrow a bit worried about it cause i think she will tell me the patchers have to stop as i have been on them for 12 weeks so hopefully i will be ok.I have been on the small patchers for the past 2 weeks and havent really noticed any change so tha good :)

So tomorrow will be my big day at the clinic,also im at at weight watchers tomorrow night so hopefully i will of lost some weight to :)

Anyway i will let you no how i get on tomorrow and no dought i will be coming on here more to take my mind of those white things when my patchers have gone


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Hello you and I have cleaned your room and re-stocked the bar for you and Daves arrival!! It really is a great feeling to have come this far.


4 months and congrats

Hi so glad you have made the 4th month and heres a little poem for you I am sooooo looking forward to being there

I can see light at the end of the tunnel

But the candle is decidedly dim

I only stopped smoking at Christmas

And that was done on a whim

If only we knew when we started

How hooked we’d finally become

Oh if only you’d told me more firmly

And now I’m blaming my Mum

It seemed so easy when starting

The thought of quitting not rough

And in reality we now know

That quittings is oh so Dam Tough

Hi Kay

Wow, your and Dave nearly ready to come and enter Month 4.... seems so quick now doesn't it :).... I hope your road/journey is less bumpy now?

Try not to worry about going patch free. Chances are you'll be fine, after all the drop to the smallest ones went OK. If your worried and feeling wobbly about it after a day or whenever, then buy some and cut the first couple or so in half, then the 3rd and 4th in quarters and carry on like this if need be.

I'm sure you won't, but if your unhappy with just not having any, then buy some and have in reserve/stand by just in case.

Look froward to see you with us in month 4.

Word of warning..... check under you bed when you get here.... Christine doesn't tidy.... she kicks it out of site ;)

Pol :)

well done Kay its hard at times but it does get better xxxbrilliantly well done xxx

Yeaaaay Well Done!!!

Month 4? Thats fabulous.... you've taken on the mission, and are conquering it admirably!!!!

I love moving up a room, it seems like such an achievement (which it very much is!)

Your doing really well lady, i'm following in your wake!

Dont worry about the patches... i didn't really notice when i stopped, just be prepared to have a couple of little niggles in your first couple of days, but nowhere even close to the initial craves....!! You'll be great!


Hi Kay :D

Well done getting to month 4 that's great Big Hug

Don't worry about coming of the patches you'll be fine a dandy without them it may be a little difficult the first couple of days but easily manageable


Marg xx

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