No Smoking Day
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Do you believe in carma?

Well it's like this, my sister did not attend my lovely mums funeral, she went sking.

How ever she wanted to attend dad's funeral for respect ( only seen him half a dozen times in the last thirty years)

But she was at stand still, been a accident roads closed, so she diverted only to find more obsticals in her way, so she was not at the funeral,

Not sure how I feel, but my other two sister including my self did not want her there.

Its a strange old world, so she did not attend to mum or dad's funeral , so I'm at a loss, she's met her match at a higher level!!!

So very sad, but not smoked, I'm a little chuffed at that

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Well done for getting through it Tracey xxx

A massive, enormous well done for not smoking. You really truly can get through anything without a fag if you have got through this. Pat yourself on the

I'm not sure if I believe in karma but what happened today was certainly mysterious. Life is a funny old game sometimes.

It must have been a really hard day, and you must be so tired. Be very gentle with yourself tonight xx


Glad you got through the day in one piece. The Karma bit, not a believer, however, my thoughts are, if you really need to attend somewhere you make it in time. I travelled a day in advance to my mum's funeral to make sure traffic wasn't a problem. Stayed with my 4 boys in a hotel.

Just pleased you got through a really tough day. You are a special lady :) x


Been thinking of you all day. So glad you got through the day without smoking but I knew you would. Hope you can relax a little now.


Thanks all, am moving tomorrow, back at dad's flat Friday,

Good job I don't smoke, not got time


Hi Tracey

You have so much happening and are still going strong and supporting us. Good luck preparing for tomorrow. You're handling everything very well x


Staying strong, Tracey, staying strong. Well done.


A big well done! ... and so you should be proud of yourself.... you are an inspiration :)

Re: Karma - what goes around comes around in the end. Yes I do believe in Karma - if we are mean to someone it will come back and bite us in the bum... and so it should. Positive thoughts and a kind attitude pays dividends.... good intentions through life (sometimes can be very hard) but so much less stressful - helps the quit too :)


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