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Allo HUllo!

Wow iam so stoked (again as us surfers say) to be posting in here! I haven't been on here much in the last few days cuz we have been pretty busy. I prefer being busy because, as i am sure you all know it makes the time fly +don't have time to thinking about smoking. Really for anyone considering quitting the first few days of withdrawal really are not anything to be afraid of (for me at least). Obviously I am no expert but echoing Allen Carr, society has really over blown the severity of nicotine withdrawal.

I know i can get through the rest of my trip without smoking. I worry about the massive travel home, Christmas, new years, my birthday -and most of all- the traveling and hotels to get back out here in mid January. Big stress associated with leaving home and all that. However like so many of you experts have said i will take it one day at a time and maybe even one hour or minute. What ever keeps me off the smokes!

My cravings for the past few days have been pretty manageable and dont last very long. Like Mark has been saying in his posts i v gone a few hours, numerous times now without thinking about smoking. Very encouraging stuff!!

Anyways this seems to be getting alittle long so ill wrap her up now.

Guys thank you so much for the support! You reduced me to tears the first few days with your kindness and incredible stories of courage! ha ha

There is no way i would be so prepared and positive for this journey without you guys ! :):p:D:cool:

ps the first time i tried to post this the internets would not let me because i had to many smilies ha ha !!

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when youre smiling .....

well done you are makeing great progress, and extra well done on keeping up the positivity

As for the trip home, break it into stages, rememner your first few days just an hour at a time well break it to a leg at a time, having faced my biggest temptation (my dad leaving his cigs and lighter in my old spot by the back door,) its not so bad, just think i cant be bothered with it every time yoiu think i want a smoke

What i have learnt from this weekend (i was dreading it) is usually the fear of giving makes a mountain out of a pimple, so im going with qur sera sera :)


Why are you worrying about the trip home. You won't be smoking as many as you can before you get on the plane. You won't be dashing outside to light up when you arrive. Think of all that stress you won't have:D


Great to hear from you Chaz :D

So glad you are feeling so strong.

You are still young and fit & healthy ... we all know you got this covered!

You WILL do this my friend, oh yes, YOU WILL!

Well done mucker




Why are you worrying about the trip home. You won't be smoking as many as you can before you get on the plane. You won't be dashing outside to light up when you arrive. Think of all that stress you won't have:D

Great way to look at it. You won't be beating people at the baggage collection to get your bag so you can get for a smoke. Think of the immense pride you will feel when you share the news with others that you no longer need to poison yourself to feel like a non smoker.

Good luck and have a merry smoke free holiday!!!



thanks for the great reply's friends!

You guys are totally right. Also as i mentioned earlier i was a secret smoker around my better half. She would pick me up at the airport and take me home and we would spend the night together catching up and gorging on real food. The whole time i would be DYING for a smoke.. and would have to wait until the middle of the night when she was sleeping,so i could sneak outside for a crafty. wow looking back on that i shoulda just quit then because, i would have go almost 24 hours without a smoke anyways! Nicotine withdrawal is not something one needs to deal with on top of the stresses of travel!

how stupid is being addicted to cigarettes? VERY !!

This time i can get home and fully enjoy being reunited with my girlfriend and family.

Woah you guys just completely changed my perspective on this!

thank you thank you!


Hey Charlie, I can completely identify what you're saying. I was a secret smoker too, and sometimes when with family I'd go for days without smoking, but the whole time I was thinking "I want a fag....

This Christmas I am spending 4 days with family and means I can play with my niece and nephews and not spend it counting down until when I can smoke.

You're right, smoking is crazy, glad I've regained my freedom!!

Karen x


day 14

Just checking in. On day 14 today. All is well minus raging mouth ulcers :mad: . Oh well salt water is helping and id rather ulcers than lung cancer! Hope everyone is having a nice monday. :D


Good to hear all going well :) I'm passing my monday morning chomping on an industrial size bag of monster much..nom nom nom :D


yay a fortnight! and the ulcers can be seasonal??

see you SO have this sorted


2 weeks that's awesome Charlie!!


Brilliant going Charlie, 2 weeks, mega!! Well done petal x

Molly x


Well done on day 14 Chuurles! your positivity shines through. The mouth ulcers are a pain I had cold sores! Dont know what that is all about? Maybe our immune system getting back to normal


Yo Chaz

So proud :)

When I saw you come on the site I could see how positive you were about your quit...we beg, borrow and steal that positivity and spread it around, that's what makes this site so good, in my opinion.

Pain about the ulcers but hope they pass soon.

As for the Monday ..... even when we feel this good ... can a Monday ever be nice?

Nahhh surely not! :D

Well done mate



thanks everybody :). once again you guys are awesome. I am just as positive about this as when i joined! I am excited, because like many on here i grew to hate my addiction and am so relieved to have quit. The only thing I am upset about is that i didn't find this site/read Allens' book sooner!

Monday is in the bag Nifty...tomorrow is hump day! :D


2 weeks without a ciggie is excellent Charles. Congratulations, and thanks for the inspiration.




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