No Smoking Day
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weekend is over!yay

its not good when you want the weekend to be over!

I watched the new star trek film with my dad so that made not smoking easy. Im not a 'trekkie' but it was a really really good film. I saw it at the Imax and it was amazing.

I had a top time without worrying about staying in a smokefree place for 3 hours :D

It wasnt on my mind at all! Thank goodness I remembered my patch :p

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YAY for not having a fag :D :D

Isn't it fab not being ordered around by a packet of white sticks?


Well done Sammi :)

I'm not usually a Star Trek fan either, but really enojyed the first film and looking forward to seeing the second one!

Well done for getting through the weekend smoke free. They can definately be the toughest times in the early days, but it's great once you get to a point where you enjoy the weekends because you don't have to smoke wherever you go! x


thanks guys <3


I actually nearly bought myself a Kathryn Janeway one many moons ago when I went to the Trekkie shop in London :o And I actually did have the comm badge at one time - bought on a family holiday in Blackpool!:D

I think you might have made his day :p


bet max has a set of spoc ears :D


Kat makes my day..

Every day :D:D:D

Oooh *Giggles but says nothing*

Like most blokes - easily stimulated!:rolleyes: It's the uniform thing I think, they don't just get mad when they get a parking ticket if the warden's a woman!;):D

Lol that's true!!

Don't know about the traffic wardens though, the ones round here are bigger than my dad :eek:


I think this is what one would class as "creeping" having just knocked me off the top spot on the quiz - Maxwell I HATE YOU!!!:mad::mad: (shakes fist and glares!)

Ooh he's trying to get back in your good books then!!

Oh, perhaps not round your way then!:eek:

Lol, not unless they like that kind of thing!! :eek::eek::eek:


can you feel the love?


can you feel the love?

I'm just wondering when the poetry stops and the punch-up starts!!


Can I borrow Sarah's old frying pan?

Yep I've got it and definitely don't need it any more so help yourself :D :D


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