Grumble......grumble..........grumblegrumblegrumble........:(. Stopped Champix a week ago and am now getting some fairly strong cravings. Compared to the pathfinders who have gone cold turkey, i doubt if these are that strong. However, they are making me feel............grumble.......grumblegrumble.

On the plus side I've been sleeping a bit better since stopping Champix. Sleeplessness/tiredness has been really pissing me off.

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  • Grumble all you want Biggrin, im sure it will pass and you come through the last hurdle triumphant! I don't know anything about Champix but coming off that must be easier than coming off fags and you've done that already!

    Chin up and remember we're here to listen to your grumbling or give you a double wet trout slap!!!

  • Bring on the trout, i need a good double slapping!

  • Dopamine from another source.

    Hi Biggrin

    My theory is that you need to obtain dopamine from another source

    ( preferably legal & healthy ) to alleviate the cravings. They include:

    Exercise, deep breathing, meditation, sex ;), praying and I'm sure there are many more.

    My source of chemical fix is yoga: each to their own:)

  • NIFTY - bring in the trout, someone here needs a good slapping!!

  • Like the pic that Greg put on, I will give you the double trout slap :D:o

    I found coming of champix and the cravings horrendous too, just ride them through, the thing I found was because the habit was broken that the cravings were easier to cope with..

    You grumble as much as u want hun, scream shout whatever just don't smoke:D

  • nonico, I think you are right about the dopamine. I'm going to go outside and grumble at an innocent passer-by, that will make me feel better.

  • Hiya Biggrin, I absolutely love your user name by the way!

    Hang in there chuck, I know nothing about Champix but you could try looking at some posts by long term quitters who used it, it might help.

    Meanwhile we'll be expecting hourly grumbles for the foreseeable future (or more frequently if necessary?)

    Kazzi, can I borrow your fish, if there's slapping going on, I want in! :D

    Hang in there Biggrin, I'll be thinking of you

    Molly x

  • Call that a slap? I hardly felt it.............. In my day (grumblegrumble) when a wet fish slapping was handed out (grumble) you knew about it (grumblegrumble)

  • A luxury

    Fish slapping :rolleyes: that's a luxury.

    In my day they used 20foot reptiles - that's what I call a slap.

  • 20 foot reptiles...... a mere tickle. When I were a lad we'd rush out in the street to get our itches scratched when the 20 foot reptile man came round on his donkey. In those days they'd use a pair of irate giant squid for misdemeanors - now that's what I'd call a proper slapping.

    (loved the video clip by the way!)

  • Haha love the video!!


    its taken me an hour to work out how to transfer pics, but heres a big trout slap :D

    keep going hun, we've come too far to fail now

  • Fish slapping :rolleyes: that's a luxury.

    In my day they used 20foot reptiles - that's what I call a slap.

    love it nonico:D

  • Sian - now that's a serious slap! (is it obelix handing it out?)

    Thanks everyone for support, encouragement and licence to grumble. :D

  • stand back everyone!!

  • Just thought!

    Maybe should change the name of the gang to The Grumbleweeds! :D

    What a day it is today mind you, frozen solid outside but sun shining like a reall'un..........very Christmasy!

    Wife wants to put tree up but Baahhhhhh I've got a touch of the Biggrin's and grumbling that it's faaaarrrrrrr to early!

    Bah Grumble!


  • Grumblegrumblegrumblegumble:(

  • Cold blooded slapping

    Here is some serious slapping. This is a king snake - they eat rattlesnakes:eek:

  • LOL!!



    How did the passer by take it?

    Gotta watch out though...they may have a concealed weapon ......

    .... like a flick fish!

  • The expression on the guy's face, and the position of the snake's tail makes it look like the snake is coming out of his nose! :eek:

  • Hi Biggrin, has your day picked up? I haven't noticed any grumbles for quite a while so I hope it has.:)

  • Grumblegrumblegrumble

  • Oh dear, no better then?

    I hope it gets easier very quickly for you, you're doing so well and it's a bummer when you have bad days.

  • Grumblegrumble, thanks Molly, grumble, I hope things improve soon too! Grumble :(

  • Reasons to be cheerful...

    Biggrin I am sick of the grumbling . Could you go and have some sex please, or failing that, chocolate.

  • Hmmm chocolate, now your talking!

    I might just have to get some on the way home now :D

  • Gr.....umble........grum........ble.........grumbubble.........grubbumble. The grumbling isn't so bad and it's now more of a mumble.


  • Please tell me you're sat in a corner rocking back and forth, because that's definitely a fish slapping offence! :D

  • Stroke the lovely fishy my precious.............

  • Feeling calmer today - thanks for all the support (and slapping!) everyone. :)

  • oh dear

    Oh, I stupidly asked you how your cravings were in another thread! I guess I know now!!

    I dont have them anymore, and I am cold turket for 5 weeks and two days, sometimes it is nice to have a timeframe. I do get the odd moment of "oh I should be having a fag" but not the intense cravings at the start!

    Stay cool!!

    M xxx

  • Glad its better

    Well Biggrin, that username does exactly what it says on the tin. Never has someone grumbling made me laugh so much. Well done and I am glad you feel better.

  • Gally - I'm glad things are going smoothly for you.

    Mrsm - thanks!

  • funny

    you are funny Biggrin!!!!!!!!!

  • Glad you made it through biggrin - I know I'm late to the discussion but you helped me through some tough times and wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you...don't give in, you can do this. I'm trying to come off the champix too and finding the cravings getting I understand that grumbly grumply feeling.

    Stay strong :)

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