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cravings leading up to 1 year mark

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hello all

been getting a lot of cravings well they are more like urges than cravings of late and as im just under 11 months i was wondering if anyone else has had similar at this stage of a quit im not going to be throwing the towel in anytime soon im firmly planted on the wagon just thought they would be long gone by now



Ten months, three weeks, four days, 17 hours, 40 minutes and 24 seconds. 19844 cigarettes not smoked, saving $11,311.17. Life saved: 9 weeks, 5 days, 21 hours, 40 minutes.

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Hi Gra

Yes, I'm feeling the same. I see that you live in Australia like me and I've put it down to seasonal change. The weather is getting warmer and as night falls that's the time, in my subconscious, to relax, have a glass of wine and a cigarette and enjoy the beautiful evening breeze.

I've been quit for 10 months and I think our minds are playing tricks with us to get us to smoke again.

Hope the cravings go soon.

Hi Gra :) good to see your still going strong in your quit

those urges yearns or craves can just suddenly come on :eek: even when you have been quit further down the road and can throw you way of kilter as your thinking wtf how did that happen and why :confused:

just remember the urge yearn or crave you have are just memories its like hearing a song you havent heard in 20 years and you know all the lyrics and it transports you back in time

someone discribed them like bubbles coming up to the surface of your mind and for a time it can throw you of balance abit

but just keep reminding youself that it will pass like all the others that you have had and keep focused on going forward in your quit

i remember my mum who stopped many years ago suddenly asking me for a ciggy because she really craved one i didnt let her have one as one of the reasons she had quit was for health reasons and later on that day she rang me and thanked me for not giving into her moment of madness as she put it

your doing really well and looking forward to seeing you in the penthouse :D

onwards and upwards is the only way to go



I remember a lot of my gang of quitters, who quit in autumn/winter, had a rough time of it when summer came around. An unexpected bunch of new triggers to face.

But you know you've faced worse, and you don't want to go back, so hold your head high and head for the penthouse.

Helen x

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thanx guys

theres only one thing more determined to quit than me 10 months ago and thats me today as they say one day at a time and i fimly believe that as any more is too much for us to focus on also the only difference between me being quit and being a smoker is 1 puff and i aint going there

im pretty much a recluse when im home and have been so focused on my quit at any cost that i have put living on hold (its just my way of coping) and have been thinking its time to start living again and been hit with these urges they arent strong but just there a lot and will just keep doing what ive been doing going outside can wait

i have quit for good i do not want to go back to that place again and the way our bodies just keep remembering and second nature stuff is weird but im focused on reprogramming my brain im not going to let it beat me not at this or any stage of the game my triggers dont include drinking fortunately but do include the pc but i do what i can then walk away from the trigger no problem am enjoying this no smoking caper lol

now i know its just the brain doing what its been doing for years

will be banging on the penthouse door very soon



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Good on ya

Good on ya Gra

You're sure a very strong and determined person and you deserve the success you've gained.

$11,317.17 saved!! That is soooooo good.:)

Hi Gra, I've been a recluse since I quit too. My life has been put on hold but that doesn't really matter. Must admit I'm finding I have urges to start living again. Im just playing it by ear :D

I hit my year anniversary last month.

I'd been hibernating for the whole year, and suddenly the fog lifted and it was almost as if I suddenly accepted the fact I am now a non smoker (even though I wasn't wanting to smoke anyway) and that I have put on some weight.

And just this weekend while doing housework (which used to be do a bit, have a fag, do another bit, have a fag as I hate housework), I had a major craving!!!

The cravings will still creep up on you from time to time, just to see if you are still paying attention! ;)

I know exactly how you were about housework. I did mine the same way. I've been feeling a lot better the last couple of days but I'm waking up wanting a fag. I hope that wears off soon.

Glad you're feeling better Una. I think Christmas is cheering me up. I am a very large child about Christmas!

Talking to other long time smokers who have given up, they all say the morning one is the one you miss for the longest. I never used to eat breakfast, but I now have a very varied and healthy brekkie menu. When I've eaten, I don't miss the fag so much.

It's just the moment when you open your eyes isn't it. I suppose a lot of that is habit, but it's still a "want"!

Overall though, I am getting more positive about my quit.

I didn't eat breakfast either. Reach for a fag and put the kettle on. Funny it's only been the last couple of days I've wanted one when I woke up.

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