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Finally reached the 1 year mark


Yes i have finally done it. I am now officially 1 year free of smoking. It has been an incredible journey, and I have alot of people on this forum to thank especially at the beginning of my quit.

To be honest, I have tried smoking once in December, just to test myself and I can honestly say I will never ever pick up a cigarette again. I could not even get the smoke into my throat, I just coughed and gagged. And the taste in my mouth was absolutely disgusting. Never Ever AGAIN! I am rid of this disgusting habit.

Thank you all! ! ! and I wish you strength in your quit! :cool:

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Superb. Very well done and never forget. YOU DONT SMOKE.

many congratulations

getting that year done is a great feeling isnt it

Thanks guys. Much appreciated. :)

DP187.......well done! :) It's good to read a success story; you must feel so good and so free, no longer being dragged down by that awful weed! :D

Val :)

Wonderful DP187! :)

Always good to read a success story. I hope you are making full use of the Penthouse facilities? :D

Hap hap happy for you!


:cool:Congratulations, enjoy your smoke free life :D

Big welcome to the penthouse DP :D:D:D

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Can't wait to join you in a few weeks!!!!:D

Many thanks to everyone. It is well worth the effort, and life is so much better.

Congratulations on your 1 year quit, amazing achievement :cool: xx

Congratulations DP, I remember when you started. You have really made it and that is fabulous. I can't wait to get there as well so save me a place in the Penthouse!!! ;)


Thanks Donna and Sheri. Yes it has been an amazing journey. I still remember the first week, it was very difficult, but I had my motivation and I just looked into his little eyes and I knew I could do it for my baby boy. He will never know his dad was smoker. :)

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