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Day 7


.......and all is well, or there abouts. Woke up this morning with the feeling that the left side of my face had been injected with concrete, yet this had gone an hour later. A bit (quite a lot) growly last night, although I managed not to vent it at my partner. The occassional flurry of slithering thoughts suggesting that now would be a good time for a smoke. A WHAT!!!. No way. Slipping in and out of a kind of low level dementedness..........This is all quite mild compared to what some people are experiencing. No doubt my time will come.

I'm finding the posts of longer term quitters really inspiring at the moment - thanks.

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I remember those slithering thoughts, used to annoy me no end, found them hard to explain, you'd be feeling a bit like a smoke, know you can't, but while thinking what to do to distract, your subconscious would pop up and suggest have a fag, when you know that's the thing you're trying to avoid.

7 days is great, take it one day at a time and you'll do great. If you do get bad cravings, remember they will pass and eventually you won't get them any more. Keep your defences up in the first few months, try not to test your resolve by just having the one.

Best wishes for day 8!

Hi Slew

Those thoughts sure are slippery. I take your point about keeping the guard up and not testing the resolve. Thanks for your guidance.

Well done Biggrin. Keep reading those posts from the long term quitters cos they are so inspiring and helpful and just think that will be you one day!:)

Nice one Haze! :)

Biggrin. I've got a Big grin on my face for you. Seven days is fantastic. Absolutely well done. Have to say the many wierd and wonderful symptoms reported on here often amuse me.....but yours wins hands down. Left side of your face injected with concrete...heh heh. Hilarious. Sorry. Poor you. :)

Right. You report a sort of 'low level dementedness'. Well now I have to confess that on day 8 I experienced what I would term a high level dementedness. With the help of my eldest daughter I survived it......and didnt quite turn into a werewolf (nearly did). Day nine though....oh the relief. Oh the joy that I was still a non smoker. You'll be fine Biggrin. You will.

Thanks Dippy - your post is a delight :)

Stay with it BG, I would have welcomed slithery thoughts compared to the two weeks of utter fury I had at the start....good job I'm scared of the wife, it kept me in check at home :o well done so far and keep gently growling, just don't smoke!

That was a powerful start to your quit, Bear - I think I will stick with the slithery thoughts after all! Thanks for the encouragement, its a great help.

Well my username (created on day 3 as I recall) was no accident :D keep posting, it works.....

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