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day 8 and im still smoke free

Well after yesterdays test of being with a heavy smoker all day ive come through it and still not smoking:D:

my habit is still there and occasionally find myself looking for my fags:confused: or leaving the house and feeling ive forgot summit:eek:

but apart from that the cravings are so much easier and the idea of actually smoking makes me feel sick,(though i love the smell if someone has one on the go) prehaps im loosing the plot:rolleyes:

well good luck to all quitters

Hugs Sian xx

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Well done Sian

Sounds like you are doing really well.

That was a hell of a test you put yourself through being with a smoker and not smoking yourself.

I know what you mean about thinking you have forgotten something!

When it gets to finishing time in work I think "Oh I must go and collect my tobacco tin from the smoking area ..... Oh no I don't ... I don't smoke anymore!"

Strange isn't it?

So many years of doing the same thing over and over .... wish we had a reset button sometimes! :D

Well done and let's have a ball with this :D

Take care




Thanks Greg

but it is a great feeling apart from the cravings to know im finally breaking the habit which i thought i enjoyed but realise now actually i didnt:rolleyes:

being with a smoker was quite helpful really as it showed how i was, completely ruled by the fags and actually leaving after 10hrs smelling like an ash tray wasnt nice either, but made me think of how i smelt whilst i smoked:eek: so hopefully will put me off sparking up again

good luck Greg

Hugs Sian xx


Well done, Sian..sounds like you are doing great...was myself in a similar situation last night, but got through it ok....let's get through this week 2 everybody!!!


thanks cymro

sounds like putting ourselfs in difficult situations really does help, and im ready and waiting to see what happens in week 2, though ive got to 10hr shifts over the wk end with the heavy smoker, but hopefully this will prove to me i can do it and stay off the ciggs:D

Sian xx


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