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8 Weeks! yabber yabber yayhey!!


I'm thrilled to announce my 8 week milestone has been well and truely blasted!

Really super impressed, its been a good and sometimes hilly journey so far, but it has all been totally worth it, i look back on the times that i found it really difficult and i'm so glad that i persevered and made it this far.

For all you guys and gals thinking that the crappy feelings will go on forever, it totally doesn't, sure i get the odd difficult day now, but its not every 5 minutes like on the first day, every hour or so on the 5th day etc.

Peas and Love to you all! xxxxx :cool: :D

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Well done Zozie. It feels fantastic to hit the 8 weeks (in my case I wish I had stuck at it but you live and learn). Here's to the next 8 weeks for you!!! You really are doing fantastic!!!

Good for you Zozie, I am really pleased for you. Here's to the next 8 and beyond.........................

G xx

Pink lunged wonder sprouts rule the world. Especially those that live in bubbles. Its a known fact.

Well done Zozzles. :)

Well done Zozie, you are doing brilliantly!:)

:D well done girlie soooooo chuffed for you - its posts like this and from the other longer quitters that really help us fledglings lol

Bubbles are deffo the way forward :D

Well done Zozie!! I am so pleased for you. You have done so well. Your post was spot on. Keep on flying! Love x

Way to go Zozie!!!! You're a true inspiration!


Fantasti Zoz.....Im 2wks behind you and feel the same as you,so glad I stuck with this quit unlike all the other fails.Im sure its because of this forum and people like you that keep us all going.Well done:D

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