No Smoking Day
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sixth day happy as ever but read me dream

Still happy as larry, did i really smoke for 21 years, ok so i felt sick when i take these champix but i did some research and they said eat a good breakfast before taking them and wo and behold no more sickness...same goes with ya tea,also alot of people say they have weird dreams.....yes....they are messed up...last night i was one of a few left on the planet who weren't turned into zombies...i was being chased by lots of flesh eating weirdos so i ran and jumped onto a coming flat back van with a few people on escaping the zombies.....go go go i shouted to the driver as these zombies were chasing in thing i knew i was waking up thinking wow that was weird but cool lol,the nurse warned me of these dreams and a few weird ones have happened but it hasn't put me off because these tablets are keeping me strong and the dreams arnt real so i will probably tell you another strange one tomorrow, its probably not as good as fifty shades of grey but hey ho my grey probably wasn't on champix lol,stay strong everybody keep of the weed and let the government start panicking when we don't buy there death and stupid profits no more hahaha:D

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Hi Steeza

That's odd, because in my dream last night I was chasing after a van feeling hungry for flesh................. You're right, you do get weird dreams on Champix!

The Champix aren't affecting me too badly either, which is a relief. I like the comment about the government panicking, there's something very satisfying about that.

I'm glad it's going well for you



haha just choked on my coffee reading that reply, stay and positive and don't catch that van lol:D


Just one comment....

That sounds brilliant!

If I were you I'd be going back to bed to get some more!! :D

There is only one type of horror movie and thats the zombie type! :cool:

Glad its going well for you both




Glad its going well for you both


It wont be if Biggrin catches that van - it will be rather messy haha :D

Well done you've nearly done a whole week :D Thats great stuff


im also on champix


i wish they'd introduced me to this drug years ago, its made quitting more bareable,

and yes im loving my strange dreams toooo :cool:

well done on 6 days im only 1 day ahead of you

Sian xx


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