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Monday Morning High

Good Morning All

Its Monday morning and I feel good, start of day6 checked my I am a saddo spreadsheet I am £33 richer and have not smoked 100 fags.

even managed a few beers at the weekend not missing smoking at all.

pausing the DVD while the wife went for a smoke was a different experience,

i dont miss standing outside in the cold.

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Well done Daz :)

You are doing well considering your wife is still smoking.

Brilliantly actually...must be hard for you

Are you subconciously putting pressure on her to stop? :cool:

Hope the rest of the day goes well for you




Well done so far!

Its all new experiences that you'll be dealing with now, with the added bonus of being a non smoker. Huge well done!

Your smelling great and soon you'll notice a fresher look to your skin and brighter eyes if you haven't already.... take time to notice new smells that you wouldn't have otherwise.

Keep on quitting... its for winners! xx :D


Thanks to you both for your support.

Greg, I am doing the opposite at the moment, i think you have to be ready to quit for yourself, She is thinking about it we will have to wait and see.

No pressure from me ;);)



Nearly a week, well done, youre doing great. Hope this is the one!

Fi x


Hey are doing great..week 2 is not far now...well done.


Well done Dazza. You are doing great, just think of all the money saved and what you can do with it instead of it going up in smoke and all the health benefits you will get its a no brainer!


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