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Well - here I am!


Got to my 1 year anniversay last Thursday - and it felt like an almost non-event! It was like - okay, so gave up a year ago, ho hum - and that was that really. It's was kind an anti-climax in some ways. Kind of like New Years Eve - each year you think the New Year will bring in something special - the dawn of a new age - and mostly, the first few hours of the New Year is spent hanging over the toilet bowl:o...not quite like that of course, but that similar feeling of 'oh - is this it?'

Ah well -here I am - safe and sound! Fatter, richer, cleaner, fitter, healthier - and happier :D

Looking forward to seeing the rest of the October 2011 crew join me!

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hi fellie, its a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Congratulations on reaching a year!

For us in the early strages it seems like a monumental achievement and you should be very proud.

imagine what things would be like now for you had you not quit.

Fantastic achievement! Can't wait until I can say that:)




I am loving the fact that you too are not even thinking about smoking anymore and just getting on with life


that at the end of the day is the goal of everyone that wants to quit

having the control back and keeping it

onwards and upwards is the only way to go



Just found this post so sorry i missed it. but Well done Fellie its great to have it behind us and yes im talso fitter fatter healthier and happier oh and cleaner not so sure about richer its gone as soon as its saved..

bloomin well done..

Mash x


Pull up a chair at the bar, have a cold glass of champagne, WELCOME TO THE PENTHOUSE. It's lush here :)

Congratulations! It may feel anticlimactic but it's still a bloody marvellous achievement, whichever way you slice it.

Hel x

Congratulations Fellie - great news, and worth a celebratory drink or two.



Congratulations Fellie...honoury octopirate (even though you're a sept super spy!!!) :D:D:D

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