No Smoking Day
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Yayyy day 2...yay!!

Don't let the title fool you....I really am happy...:mad:

I cried my eyes out last night because I couldn't understand why I ever wanted to start smoking, sure it felt good and relaxed me (ARGH CRAVINGS)

But in the long run, honestly what's the point?

Anyway I am not going back, no way!

For me, for my partner and for everything else that is "good" in this life, I will not go back to smoking.

Stay strong all, My day 2 is almost over!!!! :D

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great stuff striker, really pleased for you. Just keep reminding yourself of that every day for as long as you need to.

You ar ein that pumped up defiant stage, as you get more comfortable with your decision that will fade so stay on your guard.

Good luck


Well done on getting through so far Striker. the best bit of advice I was ever given is don't worry about the long term. Just focus on getting through the next minute/hour/day. That way you aren't making it hell by worrying about forever. Chin up bud, you will get there.


Well done on day 2 - I didn't see this post and have just posted on your day 1 post.

Same advice applies.

All the best


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