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Day 1 (Cold Turkey kind of)

Hi all, quit at midnight last night so this is day 1. I'm using a combination of Allen Carr materials and Paul McKenna techniques. To be honest it's not been as bad as expected, l'm sure the real fun will begin tonight when l get home from work and l try to relax :)

I gave up for about 2 months over 15 years ago but have never tried since. A recent heart scare has frightened me into quitting and to be honest it's what l needed.

So l've got the reasons and l've got the tools. This is day 1 of the rest of my smoke free life :D

Wish me luck.


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Good luck Si, keep us posted on how it goes.

You can do it! x


Hello Si and welcome to the forum.

Well done on deciding to become a non smoker and I wish you all the luck. I am on day 23 being smoke free and I feel great although I still wish I could smoke I know its not an option. Like you my OH had a health scare which pushed us both into quitting.

Use the forum as much as you need, the people here are lovely and will keep you motivated when you need it most (I know they have been a godsend to me).

One thing I found great was a bottle of water where you need to suck the water through a spout. That helped me with the 'taking a drag' deprivation in the first few days.

Good luck



Thanks for the well wishes guys :) and great advice Lingy re the water bottle, will deffo be bringing one to work tomorrow.



Good luck from me :D


Good luck Si. From your reading, you will probably know what to expect. If you get anything unexpected, there is probably someone else on this site who has lived through it who will be able to offer advice/ sympathy. Hope that it goes well for you.


Well done Si and I agree with Lingy water bottle it works wonders. I am on 4 weeks and 1day. So best of luck Si. :) jacqui


hi clay i went cold turkey,and never looked back..had my bad moments,but stuck whit it .now over 2 half years have passed and am smoke free,,so you see it can be done,,just youm keep the faith tonyx


Good luck you sound like you are very motivated to quit and I'm sure you will do it. Whenever you crave a cigarette make sure to tell yourself NO! Tell yourself why you are quitting and keep reinforcing those thoughts.

I was at a party this weekend and got really drunk, I was about to go for a smoke and all of a sudden all those things I had been telling myself for a month popped into my head "what the hell are you doing, you don't smoke anymore etc.", even in my drunk out of my mind condition those things stuck with me :D

I actually felt guilty just for craving a cigarette lol.


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